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Current Status :   October 2016 ... Website has now moved to a better, faster server! ... We're still preparing the new season of shows :) ... Gary & Ruthie xxxx

Help to Promote Us

The "Promo" is a short MP3 that you can use and play anywhere. If you use our Promo in another podcast to advertise our show, then let us know via email and we''ll return the favour. Don''t forget to let us know where we can download your Promo.

Promo 1 - 42s

Promo 1 is a 42 second Promotion for the Podshow. It is humourous in nature and is designed as a quick bumper.

Promo 2 - 1m 55s

Promo 2, 1m 55s , is our second Promotion for the Podshow and is more striaghtforward in nature. It gives you much more detail about what you can expect in the show, including some quick excerpts from stories.

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Other Promotional Material

If you''d like to show your appreciation of our show on your webiste, we''d like to thank you. Below are some images and banners that you can copy as you will provided a link back to this website is retained (although the Celtic Myth Podshow retain the Copyright to the Show images and logos on this website).

Show Logo

Available in three sizes

Celtic Myth Podshow Logo

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Logo 200 x 200

Logo 400 x 400

Large Banner (650x198)


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