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The Mythical Island of Hy-Brasil

Magini map c.1597

Hy-Brasil, also spelled Hy-Breasal, Hy-Brazil, Hy-Breasil, Brazir and related variations, is a phantom island which features in many Irish myths. It was said to be cloaked in mist, except for one day each seven years, when it became visible but could still not be reached. It probably has similar roots to St Brendan’s Island. Another basis may be Helluland (probably Labrador), discovered by the Vikings. The names Brazil and Hy-Brazil are thought to come from the Irish Uí Breasail (meaning “descendants (i.e., clan) of Breasal”), one of the ancient clans of North-Eastern Ireland.

It appears that as the north Atlantic was explored, the name of Hy Brazil may have been attached to a real place. A Catalan map of about 1480 labels two islands “Illa de brasil”, one to the south west of Ireland (where the mythical place was supposed to be) and one south of “Illa verde” or Greenland. Expeditions left Bristol in 1480 and 1481 to search for it, and a letter written shortly after the return of John Cabot from his expedition in 1497

Off Ireland- Canepa, Map 1489
reports that land found by Cabot had been “discovered in the past by the men from Bristol who found Hy Brasil. Some historians claim that the navigator Pedro Álvares Cabral thought that he had reached this island in 1500, thus naming the country of Brazil. However, Cabral didn’t choose the name ‘Brazil’. The country was at first named Ilha de Vera Cruz (Island of the True Cross), later Terra de Santa Cruz (Land of the Holy Cross) and still later ‘Brazil’. The generally accepted theory states that it was renamed for the brazilwood, which has an extreme red color (so “brasil” derivated from “brasa”: ember), a plant very valuable in Portuguese commerce and abundant in the new-found land.

Others claimed to have seen the island, or even landed on it, the last supposed sighting being in 1872. Roderick O’Flaherty in A Chorographical Description of West or H-Iar Connaught (1684) tells us “There is now living, Morogh O’Ley, who immagins he was himself personally on O’Brasil for two days, and saw out of it the iles of Aran, Golamhead, Irrosbeghill, and other places of the west continent he was acquainted with.”

On maps, the island was shown as being circular, soon with a central strait or river running east-west across its diameter. Despite the failure of attempts to find it, it appeared regularly on maps lying south west of Galway Bay from 1325 until 1865, by which time it was called Brazil Rock.

One of the most famous visits to Hy-Brasil was in 1674 by Captain John Nisbet of Killybegs, Co. Donegal, Ireland. He and his crew were in familiar waters west of Ireland, when a fog came up. As the fog lifted, the ship was dangerously close to rocks. While getting their bearings, the ship anchored in three fathoms of water, and four crew members rowed ashore to visit Hy-Brasil. They spent a day on the island, and returned with silver and gold given to them by an old man who lived there. Upon the return of the crew to Ireland, a second ship set out under the command of Alexander Johnson.

Wagenhaer, Map 1583
They, too, found the hospitable island of Hy-Brasil and returned to Ireland to confirm the tales of Captain Nisbet and crew.

The last documented sighting of Hy-Brasil was in 1872, when author T. J. Westropp and several companions saw the island appear and then vanish. This was Mr. Westropp’s third view of Hy-Brasil, but on this voyage he had brought his mother and some friends to verify the Island’s existence.

On my celtic folklore travels through the internet and books, I have come across several mythicial Lands. The fairy islands off the coast of Pembrokeshire Wales, Lyonesse south west of Cornwall and now Hy Brazil West of Galway Bay in Ireland. These lost Islands live in the earliest versions of the Celtic tales and I do wonder, did these islands once exist and have now been lost to earthquakes and other geological events? Or are they a fantasy utopia created to give hope to those living in constantly chaotic societies? or maybe even the vestiges of the Islands Falias, Gorias, Murias and Findias, the homes of the Tuatha De Danaan.? I guess we will never really know the truth but it does give food for thought!!


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  1. Reginalda Bueno

    If there is this place I do like to find it. I think God has plain for it myth, fairy or whatever people want to call, and i believe is the reason why we still living in this world wandering a new Land and finaly live in peace

  2. We love the
    County too ! Sacred land oyEruj


  3. What a wonderful sentiment! :)

  4. Ian

    why doesn’t someone look for hy-brasil? i just saw something that really makes me wonder if its real… i’m just a diesil tech or i would be trying to get funding, from somewhere, to see what is really out there. I don’t think we put enough time into finding out whats on the bottom of the ocean, i understand that the bottom of the ocean is a large and wide open space, and that meens that there is no telling what people might find… i think thats where the secrets of humanity, and how we came to be, are locked in the depths of the ocean…

  5. Hi Ian,

    Yes – wonderful! What a great idea! There is much on this subject I’d like to see explored, but as usual the sticking point seems to be money.. :(

    I think the first thing we might see that helps is the development of Google’s undersea mapping program for Google Earth. They are investing successfully at the moment.

    Great comment, thank you


    Gary x x x

  6. Alisha Norris

    I saw the series “Ancient Aliens” on history channel. It was very interesting and I wound up watching it 3 times in a row. I am a christian but can’t help but to be pulled by the FACTS of history. The proof on the walls of ancient man. The carved statues. Ancient texts. You can’t deny they saw and knew something beyond what we can comprehend and we’re supposed to be more advanced. They should cut our space exploring and explore the ocean. The flood covered so much of the world. And at the bottom of the ocean there is bound to be some structured buildings left. Rock doesn’t just rot… Anyway. I was looking on google to see if you can see anything and I wasn’t sure exactly where to look. But it seems you can see distinct mountains and gullies under sea. So surely you would be able to see a raised mound of earth for this island.

  7. All I can really say is that there are some absolutely fascinating facts that make us ask some really interesting questions! I have to agree with you about what lies on the ocean floor – it is just a matter of time before something is discovered – it has to be!

    Thank you for your comment Alisha,

    Many blessings,


  8. Mike

    Hypothesis 1:
    The poles have been warming for centuries increasing the levels of the oceans. This could well account for the disappearance of Hy-Brasil and Atlantis.

    Hypothesis 2:
    Warming and cooling cycles that we know of over the centuries, could have an effect on ocean levels.

    Hypothesis 3:
    Consider the possible effects of polar shifts on the above.

  9. Hi Mike,

    Yes, good theorising. Perhaps we might also add in continental drift, the movement of the tectonic plates. As the fault line in the Atlantic swallows the sea bed – the land positions could change?

    All the best,


  10. JULIA

    Are there any myths or legends about what life was like there, or any particular talents they had ?

  11. Hi Julia,

    Ruthie is the expert on this one and I’ll pass the question over to her and see if I can get her to put something together for you :)

    All the best,

    Gary x x x

  12. Hi Julia, There are some very strange descriptions of Hi -Brazil . Some are very Atlantian and others are just odd!

    Captain John Nisbet, who set sail from France in September 1674 intending to return home to Ireland, but who claimed that enroute he accidentally found the fabled island of Hi-Brazil.

    “They disembarked on the island and discovered that it was inhabited by large black rabbits and a magician who lived alone in a castle. The magician informed them that the spell that had kept the island hidden from the eyes of mortals had been broken.”

    The island has been visited by many people for centuries. Both Saint Barrind and Saint Brendan found the island on their respective voyages, and returned home with nearly identical descriptions of Hy-Brasil, which they dubbed the “Promised Land.”

    According to legends of long ago, Hy-Brasil was a secret land once ruled by priests. These priests held the secrets to the universe and had access to ancient, but powerful knowledge. In folklore, this island country takes its name from Breasal, the High King of the World, in Celtic history.

    The island is said to be cloaked in mist, except for one day each seven years, when it became visible but could still not easily be reached.

    I hope this helps :)

    Ruthie x

  13. Josh

    It is real …..ive been there, very important place!
    Time to wake up and pay attention to what is going on.

  14. Hi Josh,

    Thanks for that comment :)

    All the best,

    Gary x x x

  15. Bob

    Hey Gary and Ruth,
    I was watching a TV show about 30mins ago which some one mentioned in an earlier post the show is Ancient Aliens. They talk about Hy Brazil and it being the place we should look for for human advancement. They say the Celtic myths about the island are of people who were of high moral standards and just playing very good people. And everyone else in Europe were barbaric (aka us humans) and they used high advanced technologies like sound and vibrations for healing and other things. Do you have any insight into these claims? Im asking because I found it interesting and as a big believer in Aliens my self I would like to further my knowledge in this subject. I was doing research on Hy Brazil and stumbled upon this website.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this you two seem like very good people :) thanks again!

  16. Hi Bob,

    There are many interesting theories around Hy-Braesil, aren’t there? We do find the Ancient Aliens studies interesting as well as there are many ‘mysteries’ that programs such as this highlight. I often wonder whether islands like Hy-Braesil are one of the ancient island homes of the Tuatha De Danaan and whether the Gods of the Celts and their ‘magic’ items, were again aliens! Nuada with his silver arm sounds like a high-tech cybernetic device, doesn’t it? Ancient Aliens are often considered early Gods – the Mexicans are prime examples, aren’t they?

    Some fascinating theories – I’d love to know the truth! :)

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Bob, and good luck with your research! Keep us in touch if you find out anything else related to the Celts, please?

    All the best and many blessings,

    Gary x x x

  17. Hi Bob ,Gary, Josh , Ruthie , Julia . I was also watching a programe tonight on Ancient Aliens . what real’y did it for me was when the American soldier after touching the space ship or whatever it was , saw an image . This image was a series of numbers .He kept it to himself and told no one fearing he would loose his job . But for years what he saw (the numbers) wouldn’t his mind . only quite recently he had these numbers analysed, i forget the exact sentance that came out of these numbers BUT they were able to the exact location of HY BRAESIL . Wow! I WAS JUST THINKING WHY DONT WE ALL GET IN CONTACT TIME TEAM
    Let me know what you all think . I watch time team a lot and they have done this sort of thing before , regards Mary

  18. Hi Mary

    I want to see this programme!!! Roughly whereabouts was the location of Hy-braesil given – do you remember?

    As Mary says, what are your conclusions from the programme and should it be followed-up?

    Many blessings,

    Gary x x x

  19. rick

    hi gary and everyone i also watched this programme it was a series of numbers in binard code tha transated to 52° 09′ 42.532″ N 13° 13′ 12.69″ W CONTI[NUOUS] FOR PLANETARY ADVAN[ CE]. i find this type of stuf amazing also the other phamtom islands such as st brendans island” isle of mam (mayda)” thompson island” and bermeja thay are all intresting have a look many thanks

  20. Thanks for your comment Rick. This really is fascinating stuff :)


    52 09’42.532″ N 13 13’12.69″ W



    Hey Folks,
    Think it’s worth a look into this, if not just to send the two soldiers from american army who brought the binary code. More than likely the island will only appear to those in contact already.
    Check out youtube ancient aliens series 2 ep 10 to get their names.


  22. tony

    hia every 1 i see it to on tv blow my mine ive been intrested in the subject for some time now let get to in touch and find hy brazil ive seen so much happenin it the skys latly i am sure end of days is comin

  23. Hi Tony

    There certainly does seem to be a change in the air, let’s hope it’s not the end of days!

    Many blessings,

    Gary x x x

  24. Steven

    hey, i saw the program about the ancient aleins as well and the hy brasil part but why cant we just use a helicopter or something to see if the island is actually there and if not visable from the sky the bottom of the ocean and if all else fails, sonar equipment or something that can prove that the island was real.

  25. Hi Steven,

    I think they have tried various helicopter sweeps but the area of ocean is huge. More to the point I think the island may well have sunk beneath the waves making it even harder to find.

    Don’t know, there are many ideas on this one :)

    All the best,

    Gary x x x

  26. Mick

    Hi Gary.

    I recently heard of an anchient book called ” THE BOOK OF THE O’LEES [‘BOOK OF HY-BRASIL’]: MEDICAL TREATISE “.

    Eugene O’Curry, MRIA, recorded that the manuscript was bought for the Academy in the town of Galway from Thomas Keady, to whom it had come from the O’Lee family, hereditary physicians to the O’Flahertys. In the course of the 17th century a member of the O’Lee family told a ‘wild story’ of his having been magically transported to the enchanted Island of Hy Brasil and obtaining supernatural knowledge of medical cures there that were recorded in this book. The unusual appearance of the book convinced some people of the validity of this story.
    This facinating book is now one of the treasures of the Royal Irish Academy Library Dublin, and is currently on public display there.
    I went to see the book and it is real. It is written in Irish and Latin. There are a couple of theories about the book being a translation of an earlier Arabic, and Jewish work, but when I put this question to the library, they denounced it and said the origin of the book is still to this day a mystery.
    I am researching Hy-Brasil for a project and would love access to other information about the legend that you might have. I live in Ireland and am astonished that this legend has been lost in our heritage until very recently.


  27. Hi Mick,

    How absolutely wonderful!

    We had not heard of this work before either and all the best information we could find, Ruthie published on the site in our article about Hy-Brasil at http://celticmythpodshow.com/news/the-mythical-island-of-hy-brasil/. The fact that there are records of the last sighting supposedly being in 1872, again by another O’Flaherty, is amazing. The earliest Irish records say that the Tuatha De Danaan came from Islands to the West and the North – why should we not think that there is a core of truth in the ancient myths? Lastly, I remember seeing a year or so ago a wonderful piece of news published on the BBC website about an oceanographical survey that was being undertaken to the West of Ireland’s shores and they had found a section of the sea-bed raised, like a plateau and the surface of this raised section had the appearance of a large island, complete with moutains, river-beds and so on! I bookmarked the page thinking that would make a wonderful back-up to the Hy-Brasil/Tuatha De story and then became very ill so it didn’t get done. Somewhere amongst my thousands of bookmarks, the link to that page still exists and I will re-publish it for everyone when I find it.

    In the mean-time, if we find out any more info we’ll let you know, and keep us in touch with your own researches, please?

    Brilliant stuff!

    All the best,

    Gary x x x

  28. Loraine

    Hi Gary,

    I’m from Galway, the west of Ireland, and only in the past couple of months have I heard of this Mythical Island even though I’ve lived here all my life (36years).
    We never learned anything like this in school, but I have spoken to a friend who lives on the Aran Islands just of the coast of Galway and they were told many a story while they grew up some of which ye have stated above.

    I have worked out that if 1872 was the last time the Island was sited, and it can only be seen once every seven years, then 2012 is the year, now we just need to figure out what day it could be spotted……

    But I cant help think that with the earths axis shifting every couple of years would this be causing a raised area of seabed that people think is Hy-Brasil! As Porcupine bank which has been spotted about 200 kilometers of the west coast lies around the same location as HY-Brasil.

    I agree with above comments that its time we explore our seas more…..fisher men have always some interesting stories…..

    All the best,


  29. Hi Loraine, Thank you for your comment. It’s good to hear from you. I really is surprising that in general stories are not told about Hy-Brazil in Ireland. It’s such a great story and mystery. I think Porcupine bank has been discounted because it doesn’t have trees or grass etc, but it’s certainly one theory worth considering. Many of the ancient Irish tales talk about magical islands off the west coast too. For a story to continue this long I tend to think there is probably some basis to it, but what it is we may never know…maybe an island that has sunk due to volcanic activity. However keep your eye out for it around May 1st, 21 June and possibly Oct 31st as that is when it seems it is seen most. Also ask your friend to keep an eye out as it could be seen from the Aran Isles. There is also an American series on the TV called Ancient Aliens which spoke about the possibly of Hy Brazil as a place of peace and learning. I guess like Atlantis may have been. But if you catch a glimpse or hear a more recent story about it..please do let us know..

    Warmest regards
    Ruthie x

  30. david khnom

    The TV show displayed the map coordinates of 52N and 13 W. These coordinates indicate an empty field in modern Germany near the small town of Wiesenhagen, a rather long way from the announced Hy Brasil.
    Turn the coordinates backwards, the location is in the waters off Yemen.
    Why this show would make this obvious and stupid mistake is mystifing in itself.

  31. Hi David,

    Little unsure what you mean here.

    We haven’t seen the TV programme you guys are talking about, but if you enter “52 09’42.532″ N 13 13’12.69″ W” into Google Maps (https://maps.google.co.uk/), the location is in the Sea off the West Coast of Ireland.

    The programme sounds fascinating though, and I, for one, would like to see it! :)

    Many blessings,

    Gary xxx

  32. Michael Oomen

    I was also intriged by the tv-program.
    I also checked the web and came accros this website.
    I heard there was gold and silver given to some visitors, does any-one know what form they were in?
    (like coins, goblets, ore etc.)
    Is any evidence still available around of any of those items?
    Also i know many kinds of periods are called a year (some cultures counted a season is a year, in rome a period of ten months each 30 days was a year after Julius Ceasar (july) and August (Augustus) there were suddenly 12 months etc.)
    So appearance every 7 years can be guessing any day in a given period of the longest count of 7 years.
    I am from the Netherlands and do have a sailing yacht, I intend to go to the coordinates in summer 2013 to see if i can film what is there when i get there.
    I wil send the footage to your site once i have it.
    greetings from Michael

  33. Michael Oomen

    just to get some additional info

  34. I don’t think i have ever seen anything that mentions the type of gold and silver given to visitors. The only thing that is supposed to have come from Hy-Brasil is a Book called the Book of Hy Brasil. The Book is a medical treatise and resides in the Royal Irish Academy Thank you for contacting us…we hope your trip goes well and look forward to hearing from you in the future :)

  35. John

    Hi Michael,
    I’m also intersted in trying to locate the island to see if we can bring back anything that could help us advance all societies in a positive way- because lets be honest we need some help right now around the world :)
    If it helps I’m a mechanical/electrical marine engineer working offshore at present and would be willing to help out on your planned trip in summer 2013


  36. Hector

    SRRY for being late to these but I know that HY BRASIL will apear in 2013..
    I dont know what day or month..BUT I WILL ALSO LIKE TO EXPLORE IF SOME ONE GOES.
    I going to EUROPE this summer 2013..Im making more research about this…
    If any question contact me or if you are going exploring.. aerio11@hotmail.com

  37. Hector

    ME again…Im from the West coast..CALIFORNIA…
    My Family has many aquatic equipment…. oxygen tanks,Jet skis,under water lamps.etc..
    Im part of the U.S Coast guard… If some one is going u know contact me..

    ALOHA – from west California 😀

  38. Hi Hector,

    Wow! This sounds exciting – I do hope you manage to follow your dream! Do let us know how you get on!

    Many blessings and good luck,

    Gary (& Ruthie) xxx

  39. Sheila

    I can’t help but think of other ancient sects and societies who isolated themselves in areas that were not easy to reach. There is also a theme of being healers and alchemists. The more I study history, the more I believe that myth and legends have a substantial percentage of truth in them. Enchanted could mean many things…and, there is the thought that it might be visible to only those who have the eyes to see.
    It really seems as though we had much more knowledge in ancient times and have gone through a period of forgetting it.
    I live on central coast in California and have seen many things in and over the ocean that defy explanation.
    Keep the faith.
    P.S. RE: the Rendleshem Forest UFO incident…in addition to the message delivered in bianary code, the military officer also saw symbols on the outside of the craft. They might be helpful in identifying connection to Hy Brasil…what writing did they use?

  40. Hi Sheila,

    I’m totally with you! The stories told by our ancestors were told for many reasons, but within an oral culture one of the most important is that they were one of the most important ways to keep records. To me, this is an obvious way of saying that if we research the tales and stories of our ancestors, we are looking at important keys to real history! Yes, I wonder at times if the forgetting was deliberate by some cultures…

    Oh, I haven’t seen the UFO stuff you mention – but it does sound exciting!

    Many blessings,

    Gary (& Ruthie) xxx

  41. Sheila

    You piqued my interest by the mention of the Tuatha De Danaan. I seemed to have heard that name but couldn’t place it. I’ve tried to find credible info on them but it appears to be elusive.
    One thing I did note (ref your response to Bob on 19th of June )
    “I often wonder whether islands like Hy-Braesil are one of the ancient island homes of the Tuatha De Danaan and whether the Gods of the Celts and their ‘magic’ items, were again aliens! ”
    Interesting info…Tuath is Old Irish for people, tribe or nation-Tuatha is plural…De means god or goddess and they are associated with the Goddess Danu. (Danu is a goddess also mentioned in Hindu mythology)
    But to come to my refrence…Danu is a female deviation of Anu, who was the high God of Sumerians in Mesopotamia. He was from the Anunnaki race of aliens.
    You may have made a very intuitive connection, sir.
    There are others similarities that I’ve come across so far, but it is entirely possible that they are a sect of this ancient race.
    I would like to study more about the Tuatha De, can you recommend any journals?
    Thank you,

  42. Hi Sheila,

    The most accessible reference is, of course, our first shows – those that re-tell the Irish Mythological Cycle which deals specifically with the TDD. Each show lists the references for the sources used, but mostly the best and immediate online resource is on the wonderful Mary Jones site (http://www.maryjones.us/ctexts/index_irish.html). If it helps, I’m trying to put together a piece on the possible origins of the early Tribes.

    Many blessings,

    Gary xxx

  43. Sheila

    Hello Gary;

    Apparently, I missed the total goodness of this website! I was so excited about the blog that I neglected to see the shows…I really must slow life down.
    I will watch shows and also check out the other site. This is right in conjunction with what I’m interested in. My brother, the family historian, has advised me that we have quite an extensive Celtic background, including over 1200 Welsh entries.
    The piece on origins of early tribes is very appealing, also.
    Thanks for your patience and direction. Much appreciated.
    Take care,
    P.S. Found your page on FB…I’m a writer and you might enjoy my page, Lifesigns, Sheila Garcia author.

  44. Hi Sheila,

    That is so kind of you – thank you :) It would be fascinating to know about your family background – I wonder where your brother’s research has taken him?

    Make sure I know who you are on FB and I’ll definitely say hello and look at your page :)

    Many blessings,

    Gary (& Ruthie) xxx

  45. Grant

    Another interesting thing about the legend of Hy-Brasil is in 1980 a few European military men saw a triangular craft hovering in a wooded area. One man claimed to have touched the craft, he said it was warm, and as he touched it he could see some 1’s and 0’s.

    what he was seeing was a binary code, so he eventually turned it in to a computer programmer who decoded the message.

    Exploration of humanity continuous

    for planetary advancement

    13.131269W were also coordinates decoded in the binary.

    oddly enough, those are the coordinates to Hy-Brasil. a mysterious island only reached by some, with a mist or green fog keeping it from eyes view most of the time.

  46. Hi Grant,

    Wow! I had not heard this particular story before! How amazing! I’d love to read more about this, do you know where you heard it from?

    Many blessings,

    Gary (& Ruthie) xxx

  47. Steve

    Very interesting… How about this scenario? Plato described the disappearance of Atlantis as a catastrophic event long before before his time… remember a circular island with central waterways and an advanced civilization destroyed that existed beyond the pillars of Hercules… We know that the floor of the Atlantic is moving Westward thus pushing the Hy Brasel site into the abyss. If our more recent (12th to 18th centries) seaman encountered the island occasionally due to tides, sea level changes, etc.. and now it no longer surfaces because of its slide into the depths – perhaps the Irish myths of several hundred years ago really did reflect encounters with the Atlantean remnants. Is it possible that that this site is Plato’s Atlantis renamed in “modern” times by Irish and other more recent seagoers as Hy Brazel? It would be really interesting to see someone like the Ballard undersea explorers do some extensive submersible studies of the UFO coordinates along a track that parallels the movement of the Atlantic tectonic plate. Finally, regarding potential catastrophic events in the Eastern Atlantic, we have had Discovery channel programs describing the potential of huge tsunami possibilities on some of the islands in the East Atlantic – let’s speculate that one occurred in say 2-4000BC and the legend of destruction was handd down until Plato captured the legend in his time… for all of us to imagine the possibilities. I guess this could be an alternative to the Moan hypothesis… right?

  48. Hi Steve,

    I think there’s a lot to be said for that theory! We also hear from the ancient myths that the Gods of the Irish, the Tuatha De Danaan, came from Islands in the West and settled in Ireland. So why did they do this? If their ancient homes were slowly disappearing under the sea that would be a very good motive to travel to other lands and make them your new home. Looking back at the distant past which houses these so-called ‘mythical’ islands and Atlantis, it doesn’t seem too much of a stretch of an imagination to me to suggest that these Greatly Skilled Magicians and Craftsmen may have Atlantis as one of their ancestral island homes.

    Fascinating thoughts :)

    Many blessings,

    Gary xxx

  49. Marty silver

    If the Island vanished after several visits in quicker successions I cannot come to any other conclusion that it was an artificial ‘Island’ that did not want to get too well documented. The idea of fog hiding it and its immediate disappearance could only suggest this. A geological explanation is as bizarre to me as UFO’s are to the majority of us in denial. This was and is now an underwater UFO base operating well beneath our abilities to locate it. Now evolution is going way out on a limb to explain what our ancestors already told us in almost every ‘religious’ book ever written. What will it take for people to start using their common sense.

  50. Hi Marty,

    You have just as valid a case as any other, I think. Whether the disappearing island and its’ mists or fogs is the result of technology or magic reminds me of the famous Arthur C. Clarke quote that goes something like: Any advanced technology, is perceived as magic by any civilization not sufficiently advanced to have that technology. I have probably mangled the quite < *blushes*> but you now what I mean. Many of the myths of our ancestors are capable of being interpreted in a technological fashion. I remember the work of Erich Von Daniken back in the 70’s as he broke new ground with “Chariots of the Gods! explaining just that. Joseph Blumrich, a NASA engineer, wrote about ho0w the biblical description of a possible spacecraft in the Book of Ezekiel in the Bible, could actually be a physical reality in his own book, “The Spaceships of Ezekiel”. Fascinating stuff that I remember from my own reading – by now, the literature must be vast!

    I would love to know the truth about Hy-Braesil and about many of the other mysteries that we’ve seen explored since the 70’s expansion of interest in the subject!

    Many blessings,

    Gary xx

  51. Marty silver

    Gary I’m not real sure if you will get this message or someone else because I’m not Internet savvy but you understand my dilemma. I am putting a puzzle together with facts taken, read, deduced and letting the statistical realities of certain events count very heavily on my uncovering what most likely is happening. That being said whatever is going on I’m positive we are not the masters of our destiny as we see it. We are obviously being evolved . Here is the big difference. If we as persons don’t waken up to our real selves and remain asleep in our bodies thinking uncovering these truths are going to wake us up there not. The biggest alien adventure I had was seeing my personality in my essence state which was and still is the biggest shock to my world because then you truly are an alien irellevent of facts because you then see everything for what it is and knowing there was a reason for this is why I don’t waste time with obvious answers. Thanks

  52. Hy Brasil probably did exist, but only vanished because it was a low lying island or floating island. Too bad no one has ever bothered to explore the area today. Who knows what can be found under the sea!

  53. Hi Catherine,

    Yes, I often wonder whether it’s to do with the convergence of the tectonic plates that is making the Atlantic Trench. As the plates go back down into the Earth’s molten core, the land masses will sink and slowly move into the trench. I guess that in millennia to come, we’ll see the whole of the UK sinking below the waves!

    Many blessings

    Gary xxx

  54. Hi Marty,

    The universe is full of wonders and we are all being continually surprised at the advances that we are all making as a race. It sounds like you had a world-changing experience!

    Many blessings

    Gary xxx

  55. Brian Noble

    The answer lies in ‘The Third Explanation’ on Amazon Kindle. I am a science journalist and have garnered the opinions of many scientists (in many cases speaking to them personally) to bring to you the bizarre secrets that are regularly denied the general public.

    For example, the long’ and Lat’ co-ordinates of this mythical island were placed into the mind of one of the American airmen who witnessed the EEV (Extra Earth Vehicle) at Rendlesham Forest in the UK, by the use of a binary code (0’s and 1’s) recently translated by a computor technician. Astonishing as this seems, it is perfectly true!

    That is only one of many mysteries. Read the book and find the rest. The experience will change your life

  56. Hi Brian,

    I have heard of this book (and I believe it was mentioned in a documentary some time ago) but I have never managed to read it! Thank you for the reminder :)

    Many blessings

    Gary (& Ruthie) xxx

  57. Ron

    Hello Everyone:

    I have recently been investigating the Rendlesham Forest UFO encounter of 1980. During that documented encounter one of the MP airmen laid his hand on the UFO and received a binary code message. In 2010 the code was interpreted by a computer programmer and the coordinates that accompany the rest of the message match the location of Hy Brazil. Very fascinating stuff. Why these kind of things do not stir our scientific community to investigate deeper is beyond me.


  58. Hi Ron,

    I’m sadly not familiar with the details of that incident/report. Other commenters have mentioned it and it sounds fascinating! I wonder. like you, why no further investigation has taken place?

    Many blessings

    Gary xxx

  59. Sheila Garcia

    Although many comments here are stating all that can be said, I did want to add that:
    In the light of all the recent and past discoveries of underwater archeological finds, I can imagine that Hy Brazil might fit into that time frame of before the deluge(s). My best addition to Ron’s question is that Hy Brazil (not unlike the other ancient sites) ties our species to a history that does not fit the mainstream science which is dependent upon funding from sources that rely upon these truths not being unearthed. The Celtic areas are rife with this forbidden history and, therefore, a threat to the control of our society by power players. Just a supposition.

  60. Hi Sheila,

    A very fascinating theory – I’d love to see more evidence of the role of the Celts in this ‘forbidden history’! Thank you for your comment :)

    Many thanks

    Gary xx

  61. Mike George

    Hi Gary,

    I recently discovered your pod show/website and I’m a big fan! I’m working my way through all of the shows from the begining. They are excellently read and produced. Bravo!
    I’m in the process of researching Hy Brasil for a project that I’m working on and I realized that I need a few questions answered, and you are the man for the job :) According to the ancient mythos of the Tuatha De Danaan and the Fir Bolg, were there normal (human) inhabitants living in Ireland at the time? And if so, are they the ones who recorded this ancient history? Also did they interact with these gods/beings? Or just stay out of the way? Again according to the myths.

    Thanks so much,

  62. Hi Mike,

    This is a superb question and not an easy one to answer. Before the Tuatha De arrived in Ireland (the place where our stories start), there were several other invasions. We cover these as a back-story later in the tales. These previous peoples were said to be descendants of Noah, which implies that they were human. One ‘man’ survived after the first landing died out – Fintan, and he lived on for thousands of years becoming the greatest living Shannachie or lore-keeper. The other survivor was Tuan Mac Cairill (a shape-changer) who lived through all the invasions and it is through their knowledge that the stories survived. It is questionable that either of them were human though….

    The Fir Bolg, were said to have been descendants of the Noah line and invaded Ireland originally as the Sons of Nemed. They fought the Fomori – who don’t seem to be human on any level – and were beaten by war and plague, being forced to flee to Greece. As they were enslaved to carry bags of clay, they became the ‘Men of the Bags’ (the Fir Bolg), and after gathering enough strength returned to Ireland to settle once more. As well as going to Greece, some of them escaped to ‘the North’ and there is some speculation that they were the originators of the Tuatha De, but I think there are enough differences in description for us to disallow this in the myths. The TDD arrived at a time when the dominant races were the (non-human) Fomori and the (apparently human) Fir Bolg.

    We do also find out that the Fomori are not only shape-changers but also very similar to the TDD in many ways, much as Darkness and Light arise from the same source. Lugh himself is of both Fomorian and Tuatha De descent… Keep listening, I think there are more details in the shows! :)

    Many mysteries and much for us to learn!

    Thanks for a great question, Mike, and I hope that has helped some! :)

    Many blessings

    Gary xx

  63. Charles Yancey

    Vanishing Islands – I think there’s enough evidence(maps & testimony) to conclude that an island – we refer to as Hy-Brasil once existed. Considering the Explorers/Sea Captains & sailors that saw and managed to land on Hy-Brasil, and their story of receiving gifts of Gold & Silver from an old man there, obviously – if the island was sinking and then reappearing due to tides or whatever, then the animals(black rabbits) and the old man wouldn’t still have survived on the island(common sense), unless they were ghost or something else, and when you hear about the island being surrounded by mist, I think we can say something else is going on here besides rising tides, I think the island is being cloaked – just like “Sandy Island” off of Austrailia, we know it was there, but now it’s not visually there, it seems to be missing, and the “Sandy island” is not under the waves either – they checked. I think we are looking at another dimension, odds are it’s either being cloaked to protect something, or it’s going in and out of our present dimension, if you take a good look into physics, then you’ll find the idea of another dimension is not as nuts as it sounds! I mean heck according to the explanation for the Positron – we can go back in time theorectically, if we knew the truth about a lot of things – our jaw would drop.. and stay there for a while – terribly interesting topic for sure!

  64. Hi Charles,

    Some very interesting thoughts, thank you! I wonder whether the Celtic Otherworld (traditionally lying in the West) fits in with your extra-dimensionality theory?

    Many blessings

    Gary xx



  66. if you followed the church , nothing was ever said of all the people they killed in the name of religion,so i guess those 10 years of catholic school were a waste of time in N.H. and Boston , I live in Florida now . It appears the History channel is where the truth about what religion really is ( a lie concocted by the Romans on there way out of power in 409 A D , with the help of their dog bankers that lived in their Ghetto out side the city, their legacy continues in America , it is called Wall Street , the only true American religion. )

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