The Mark of a Druid
You may remember the interview we posted here with Rhonda Carpenter and Arlene Radasky.I have just finished reading Mark Of A Druid by Rhonda, and Wow! What a great read. If you are interested in Druids, the ancient Celts, reincarnation, or just enjoy a gripping and entertaining story this book is for you.

The ingenious interweaving of plot and characters pulled me into the story and kept me awake and reading until the very end. The Druid rituals are mysterious and believable, giving me the feeling that I have been honoured to share in the lives and mystical ways of these ancient Celtic people.

When Eve McCormick clinical hypnotherapist and researcher starts suffering nightmares and visions, the images and feelings stay with her leaking into her everyday life.  Along with her friend and mentor Dr. Andrea McMurray, they begin to explore their shared dreams looking for the reason behind them. While Eve’s life is overwhelmed by these events, her research project into re-incarnation becomes threatened by a colleague who is wreaking revenge in the present for slights in the ancient past.

I enjoyed the suspense Rhonda cleverly builds into the novel, and the unexpected romance and family bonds that grow within the story. I also fell in love with both Cosmo the Cat and Odin the Crow who both play an important part in the lives of Eve and Aileann.

Rhonda Carpenter rivals the ancient Seanachai in her ability to take the reader to another world which interlinks with the present at every unexpected turn.

A highly recommended and thoroughly enjoyable read.

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