The Birth of Arthur

The Birth of Arthur

Pic: Explore Parliament

Uther Pendragon, father of Arthur, loved Igraine, wife of the Duke of Cornwall. Through the magic of Merlin he visited her in the likeness of her husband who she did not know was dead. She then married Uther, and the child she bore was Arthur.

This is the 23rd part in our series of animated/audio stories of King Arthur based on artwork found around the Houses of Parliament, courtesy of a wonderful Virtual Tour found at We highly recommend you go to the Explore Parliament site to watch/hear the presentation about this artwork.

‘Sir,’ said she, ‘the same night my lord was dead, there came into my castle of Tintagel a man like my lord in speech and countenance; and thus, as I shall answer unto God, this child was begotten’.
‘That is the truth’, said the king, ‘for it was I myself, and I am father to the child’.
– Malory

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