We’re proud to announce that the Fiction List has been re-launched!

This page will be found within our Resources section and contains a list of novels, tales and stories that are linked in some way to Celtic Mythology or the world of the Fey. We have simplifed the list so that it is basically a single list, sorted alphabetically by Author – although if an author has written a series of books, those books will still be grouped together.

We have added a new Genre category to the list, so that you have got some idea of what kind of fiction you are looking at. If you would still find it handy to have the list split into several lists, ordered by Genre then we could produce another page to sit alongside this one with the list split up in that fashion.

Let us know if that would be helpful to you. Also, if you’d like to write any reviews for any of these books that you have read, reviews that might help other people in choosing their reading list, we’ll be glad to publish them for you in our blog with full credit, of course.

Oh, and we’re still thinking about producing a non-fiction list :)

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