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Pic: Christy Nicholas

You may have noticed that the Art Galleries on our website had stopped working due to one of the Flash Player updates. When a new artist, Christy Nicholas, whose work is pictured left, joined our ranks it was time to upgrade. After a search around, the most compatible format for slideshows seems to be HTML5. So, we’ve taken a little time to upgrade everybody’s Galleries to the new format. As a way of introducing them, we thought it might be nice to invite you to meet our artists again.

Don’t forget  if you are an artist working in the Celtic, Faerie or Mythic field and would like to have a Gallery hosted on our site, we’re more than happy to help! :)

Christy Nicholas

Christy, also known as the Green Dragon Artist, works with beautiful imagery in her art and makes astounding  jewelry. She says:

I love beauty, and think the greatest gift is to share that beauty with others. When I see a serene sunset or a sweet blossom, I want to pass on the wonder and delight I feel, either in my photography or the creation of my jewelry. To allow other people a glimpse into my mind with my art is a wonderful feeling!

Go and check out her wonderful artwork – we have examples of both her pictures and her jewelry! You can also find out more about her and where to find her website with more artwork and the chance to buy some on her Contributor Page.

Cerri Lee

Cerri is a very talented, visionary artist whose work can been seen in a vast array of different media. She produces unique mythic sculptures, renowned for celebrating the masculine and feminine aspects of her studies, woodwork, pyrography, pen, water-colour and inks! Her work is perhaps most often seen adorning the album covers of her husband, Damh the Bard as well as a wonderful range of T-shirts.
As a well-known Druid, her philosophy and spirituality shines through her artwork. Check out her Gallery for a wide example of her work and her Contributor Page for more details about Cerri Lee and where to find her and buy her artwork. Cerri says:

I have been driven for a long time by the need to understand what Art is at it’s source and I have long wondered if it still can have the same mysticism and power in a culture that is swamped by banal and fatuous images.


Spring Maiden

Spring Maiden

Pic: Cerri Lee

Patrick Turner



Pic: Patrick Turner

Patrick Turner, or Pat (see left!), is an extremely talented artist to whom we personally owe a debt of gratitude! He is responsible for designing the Celtic Myth Podshow text in our logo! So, thank you Pat :) He has developed his styles over 25 years  and his wide range of skills cover painting, illustration as well as design. He is possibly best known for his unique skills at combining the techniques of the “Old Masters” with modern digital and compositing tools, producing artwork that is both refreshing and classical, stunning and emotive. Patrick Turner says:

After some searching, I found that history and myth held much of what I had been looking for. Having been influenced by science and technology as if it were a religion, I once again found balance by looking as far off to the horizon as I could. It was in classical myth and the stories handed down through generations that I once again found some of the beauty of what it was to be human.

Check out his Gallery for a very small sample of Pat’s astounding work. His range now extends into the Science Fiction realm as projects draw him ever onwards! Check out his Contributor Page for more details about Cerri Lee and where to find her and buy her artwork.

Esther Remmington

Esther Remmington‘s art is bold  striking, creative and very emotive. She covers many mythic and fantasy themes in a wide variety of formats. You can find her designs as pictures, on ceramics, in jewelry and available as greetings cards! She is one very talented, and very prolific lady! If you check out her Gallery you will find a small section of her work covering the Celtic Gods and some Fae but many more examples can be found on her website. Do look out for her Contributor Page for more details on how to get in touch with Esther Remmington. Esther says:

My inspiration for my art comes from the beauty of nature, my spiritual beliefs and my interest in fairytales, folklore and mythology. I mainly like to work with watercolours, acrylics or colour pencils but always enjoy experimenting with new media and techniques to further develop my art.

Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon

Pic: Esther Remmington

Each image I create has it’s own story to tell, an important message to share and I hope will evoke different emotions with you, the viewer.

Have a look at Esther‘s Gallery or check out her Contributor page for more details about her and links to her websites.

Jodi Whitby

My Beautiful Bodhran

My Beautiful Bodhran

Pic: Jodi Whitby

Jodi Whitby mainly works freelance as an artist but happily designs anything that is asked of her – company logos, graphics and illustrations. Most of her creations are born in the small hours of the morning whilst her family peacefully sleeps. She turns many of her designs into greetings cards or transfers them onto candles, wood, clothing….anything.. I owe her an especial debt as she painted a special ‘Green Man’ drum for me when I was very ill and I’ll swear it was one of the things that brought me slowly back to health. Thank you Jodi! She says:

Well I’ve looked deep inside and it appears that drawing and a desire to inspire are mine. When not creating art, I like to convince others of their super human qualities.

I enjoy swimming in the sea, star gazing and trying to cycle faster down hills. So far I’m doing alright, except for the cycling bit.

Have a look at Jodi‘s Gallery or check out her Contributor page for more details about her and links to her websites.

Justin Russell

Justin Russell is a multi-talented artist who specialises in the Realm of the Fantastic. His images of Fae and earthy and delightful. He works as a freelance illustrator, turning his hand from Architectural Design through to Fae drawings. Justin works in many different media, including graphite, charcoal, pen, brush, oils, water colour and even digital media! Justin Russell says:

I work almost exclusively in traditional materials but have professional training in the entire Adobe Suite, Quark, and Freehand. My imagery focuses on the fantastic, exploring themes revolving primarily around Indo-European myth and faerie-tale.  I have spent the past two and half years working professionally with an English sole-playing game company, Triple Ace Games, as an illustrator.

Earth Goblin

Earth Goblin

Pic: Justin Russell

Have a look at Justin‘s Gallery and find out more about him and his current projects on his website and Contributor Page.

Catherine Somerlot

Forest Fey

Forest Fey

Pic: Catherine Somerlot

Catherine Somerlot is an artist with a flair for the romantic. This is reflected in her work as a photographer, digital artist, and designer. She is inspired by the beauty and mystery of nature, Art Nouveau, vivid life-like dreams, medieval literature and music, and Celtic myth & legend. Catherinesays:

I believe that photography is a profound outlet of expression. I’ve been an amateur and occasional semi-pro photographer for almost 15 years, and have most recently discovered the joys of mobile photography.

I’ve always wanted to document the magic of every day life…seek the enchantment of an average, or not so average, day. I thought going to the most beautiful natural setting was the only way to accomplish that. These days, I see magic all around me. So, while I may not always be lugging around my digital SLR and lenses, the message remains the same.

Have a look at Catherine‘s Gallery and check out her Contributor Page for more about her and links to her wonderful sites.

Amie Reavis

Amie Reavis, aka Amie Perry-Reavis, is a extremely talented artist whose work gently evokes images of a twilit world where mists and magic are the realities far beyond our normal perception. Her gentle visions often empower us to see beyond, whether they be of Mythical Beasts, the Realm of Faerie or other vision of the Realm Fantastic. She works in pencils, oils, water-colours and even wood-carving and is perhaps best known for her powerful imagery of the novel ‘Mark of a Druid‘ (shown right) that was used for the cover of that book. Together with Rhonda Carpenter, she has formed the extraordinary company Goddess Printsto bring us her powerful artwork in many different formats. They say:

Our mission is to bring you the extraordinary art of Amie Perry-Reavis. A world renowned artist who’s work is often featured in galleries.

Mark of a Druid

Mark of a Druid

Pic: Amie Reavis

 You will see on this venue the many styles and mediums Amie works in and you will find in the coming gift shop: Greeting Cards, Prints, and Reproductions on canvas, as well as, Woodcarvings. There is nothing Ms. Amie can’t turn into a masterpiece.

Have a look at Amie‘s Gallery and check out her Contributor Page for more about her and links to her wonderful site.

Dawn Obrecht

Lost in Memories

Lost in Memories

Pic: Dawn Obrecht

The exquisite and unique style of Dawn Obrecht‘s Faerie and Fantasy art is well known. She has a unique and striking style, that somehow manages to capture both depth and innocence. Her fairies are truly said to be Fairies with Attitude! Specializing in Fae, Mermaids and Geisha imagery, Dawn‘s biggest influences are Amy Brown, Nene Thomas, Jessica Galbreth, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Selina Fenech, Linda Bergkvist, Meredith Dillman and all the artist friends she’s made along her journey. The list is ever-growing. She says:

I’ve been painting fantasy art for 3 years. My favorite medium is watercolor. I ink my outlines, use white and metallic gouaches for accents and love to add iridescent medium for sparklies!! My favorite things to paint are faeries and mermaids. I also like to paint Asian faeries (geisha).

 I’ve won several awards for my art and have been published in 3 books: Enchanted Artists; Visions of Atlantis (2005), Faeries Through the Seasons (2006), and Imagine 2006.

Have a look at Dawn‘s Gallery and check out her Contributor Page for more about her and links to more of  her wonderful work.

Hannah Lee

Hannah Lee comes from a line of artists; her Grandfather was a painter, her aunt a sculptress and her mother a painter. This stood Hannah in good stead for her choice in vocation. Although starting in the field of Photography, she rapidly moved into the evocative field of paint where her rich sense of texture and the sensual was allowed free expression. Turning her hand to anything in nature from land, sea and sky, through abstracts into nudes it was perhaps inevitable that her powerful work started to encapsulate aspects of Spirituality that bear her unique and inspiring signature. Hannah says:

I found it (art in oils) very therapeutic. It allowed me to translate images into abstract expressions of mood and feeling.



Pic: Hannah Lee

 I like to incorporate the sensual quality of paint, which I first discovered as a child when I loved to touch my mother’s paintings.

Don’t forget to have a look at Hannah‘s Gallery and check out her wonderful Contributor Page to find out more about her and her work.

Kate Slade

Standing Stones

Standing Stones

Pic: Kate Slade

Kate Slade is a wonderful nature photographer with a powerful link to the Celtic lands’ wild places and ancient sites. Don’t forget to check out Kate’s beautiful Gallery or her Contributor Pagefor more details. She says:

I have always been fascinated by photography, and in recent years have finally had the chance to start doing it myself.  I have a deep love of the natural world, and in particular the wild places and woodlands of Britain, and have recently begun a long-term project to document as many of these islands’ wild places and ancient sites as possible.

 I’ve won several awards for my art and have been published in 3 books: Enchanted Artists; Visions of Atlantis (2005), Faeries Through the Seasons (2006), and Imagine 2006.


We hope you enjoyed this trip around some of the superb art that can be found in our galleries and we would like to offer an enormous thanks to those artists that have taken their time to submit some of their pictures for inclusion in our galleries. Thank you so much!


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  1. What a wonderful group of artists, I feel honored to be part of them (waves madly to Dawn, I know you!) I look forward to a delightful morning looking through these works. What a wonderful Samhain Surprise! Blessed be to all, go raibh mille maith agaibh!

  2. Hi Christy,

    You are most welcome! It always gives us a wonderful feeling of satisfaction to help showcase the talents of those in tune with the Myths – artists like yourself. Thank you so, so much for allowing us to do so. We think it is yet another really important way to get to know the stories, the Fae and the Gods – your work is important!!

    Many hugs and blessings

    Gary (& Ruthie) xxx

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