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Current Status :   16th April 2014 ... Preparing the release of our Second Special Druid show ... Research and Writing going well ... More to come soon! ..... Gary & Ruthie xxxx
Current Episodes

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Episode SP39 - Druid Special #1

10th April 2014, 1h 2m 25s, 86Mb

In a ground-breaking show for us, we bring you the first part of an interview with the Head of the British Druid Order, Philip Shallcrass, aka Greywolf. He talks about Druidry, the Order, how he discovered his Path and he even tells us how he got the name 'Greywolf'. The show also contains 4 fantastic pieces of music, including one by Philip himself which re-tells his encounter with the Anglo-Saxon God, Woden. An interview not to be missed! The second half of this interview will be in our next Special show, SP40 Druid Special #2 - due out in a couple of weeks!

We hope you enjoy it!

Gary & Ruthie x x x

CMP SP39 - Druid Special #1

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Episode 038 - Apple Orchards and Wedding Feasts

6th March 2014, 30m 18s, 41.9Mb

Having been tricked at his own wedding feast, Pwyll returns to Dyfed in deep depression. There he has to wait for year before he can return to the Otherworld. There he will see whether Rhiannon's plan will work and he can regain his Faerie Bride. But tricking the tricksters is never an easy task! In this episode we see exactly what happens when Pwyll returns on that fateful day!

This episode is also the ninth episode of the First Branch: Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed and carries on with the second half of that Branch - the story of his encounter with Rhiannon.

We hope you enjoy it!

Gary & Ruthie x x x

CMP 038 - Apple Orchards and Wedding Feasts

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