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Current Status :   October 2016 ... Website has now moved to a better, faster server! ... We're still preparing the new season of shows :) ... Gary & Ruthie xxxx

Credits & Appreciations




Gary Gary is one of the two main presenters for the Show. I can't thank myself - that's silly. My responsibilities include the design and upkeep of the website, scripting the episodes, acting on them, and editing/mixing the audio for each Show.


Ruthie Ruthie is one of the two main presenters for the Show. My thanks go to her for constantly supporting me, reminding me that I have a life outside of the Show and keeping in touch with all of our listeners when I am neck deep in editing and scripting.

Damh (Dave)

Damh the Bard Damh is a good friend with a strong connection to Welsh Mythology that makes him ideal for the part he plays in our tales from the Mabinogion. He is better known as 'Damh the Bard', the famous pagan-folk musician and you can read more about him and his music on his Contributor Page.


Cerri Lee Cerri is a dear friend with a passion for Welsh Mytholgy. She is also an extremely fine artist which you can find out about on her own website and the Power Behind the Throne, keeping Damh the Bard up there making fine music. You can find out more abut this talented lady on her Contributor Page.


Emma Doubleday Emma is an Essex girl, born and bred. Past times are visiting different Counties in the UK, exploring, speaking and learning various accents, reading European treasures and Celtic Mythology, and spending quality time with her animals back home.

Contributor Page


Ray Robins Ray is a close, personal friend - living next door to us and not only does poor Ruthie have to put up with us practising our drum lessons together, but also he has developed a deep love of acting in the Show!


Ed Ashman Ed is one of our sons and has just completed BSc Hons in Computing & Artificial Intelligence, now working in Social Media Research in Brighton! Thanks go to him for his constant encouragement and the great voice work he has done for us.


Morgan Colcombe Morgan is one of our sons and having studied Multimedia Systems at University now works for Education in Local Government. Thanks go to him for the great voice work he has done for us.


Matt Howard Matt is a close family friend and is a very talented young man. Thanks go to him for his constant encouragement and the great voice work he has done for us.


Esther Ashman Esther is our daughter and we're very proud of her and her baby - our beautiful grand-daughter. Thanks go to her for her work for us - which was much appreciated considering her very full schedule as a young mum.


Kyle Morris Kyle is a close family friend and thanks go to him for the great voice work he has done for us. Thanks also go to him for his courage! His first lines were a long list of Gaelic lines and he worked really hard to get them right!


Estelle Marchant Estelle is a relative new-comer to the show, but her talent is undeniable. We'd like to thank her for her hard work and continuing support.




Liam Pickett Liam is an excellent Sound Engineer whose help was invaluable in setting our studio up and diagnosing problems when we first encountered them. He can be contacted for work within the South-East of the UK by emailing him at proteusk6@hotmail.com 




Zoom A big Thank you to Zoom for making portable recorder that we use out in the field, the Zoom H2. We are planning to upgrade to the wonderful H2n or H4n in the future

Wolf Windshields

Wolf Windshields A big Thank you to Rick from Wolf Windshields for providing us with out Dead Cats used to record the audio in our outside broadcasts. Rick was really very, very helpful as we needed two to be supplied in a very short time and he went out of his way to maker them! Thanks Rick! :)


Alesis A big Thank you to Alesis for making the mixer that we use. Although we currently use the Multimix 8 USB, we are contemplating an upgrade to either the USB 2.0 version or Firewire version. Multi-track recording is very tempting!


Behringer Behringer make the compressor/limiter that we use. It took us quite a while to understand this complex piece of machinery (and thanks again to Liam for helping), but once mastered the equipment does an amazing job. Thank you Behringer. We also use the PBX 2000 patchbay.



Peavey We were lucky to get hold of a two-channel equaliser made by Peavey. It works very well with 15 channel equalisation and frequency boost and cut-offs. Great piece of kit. Thank you Peavey.



AKG We have managed to get hold of an AKG C2000B microphone from AKG that is performing very well. It is a bit bright for my liking but with equalisation comes out very well indeed. Thank you AKG.


MXL Audio

MXL Following Tee's advice, we started off with a couple of MXL 990's - and they are very good workhorses. I would love to try some of MXL's other mics. Thank you MXL.


ART Just recently, we managed to pick up an ART Alpha S Effects Processor which should enable us to introduce some of the more basic FX we use in hardware rather than software and, hopefully, help improve quality.




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