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How to Contact Us...


It's always great to hear from you! Email, or call us on Speakpipe

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Send us an email or leave us some Voice Feedback using the Speakpipe system (links above). We'll assume you don't mind us possibly including your message on the Show. We value you privacy though, so we'll only ever use your first name and rough location. Alternatively, let us know in your message that it is 'private'  if you don't want to appear on the show. Thank you so much.


Chat to us on Social Media

Facebook is perhaps our most commonly used Social Media. We chat to people here, make posts about the Celts or Celtic holidays, music, archaeology or just plain fun things that you might like to know. Pop along, like our 'Page', and join in the conversations.


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We announce the release of our shows here, as on Facebook, and share and/or retweet information that you might find of interest. Follow us on Twitter.


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If you are looking for images related to the ancient Celts, Celtic myths and legends Pinterest is the place to go. We have boards covering the myths and lanscape of Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Cornwall, and the other Celtic countries. Modern bards, story-tellers and anything else related can also be found.


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We're not often on Instagram but we tend to share personal photos or photos of sites of potential interest to Show listeners.

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