Sep 25 2014

Beneath the Waters of Llyn Coch – a new film of an old tale!

Still from Beneath the Waters of Llyn Coch

Still from Beneath the Waters of Llyn Coch

Pic: Star Now

‘Beneath the Waters of Llyn Coch’ is a short film based on the ‘Fairy Bride’ legend associated with the lake ‘Llyn Coch’ is a short film of a Welsh legend of love found, lost and found again. Being made now (2013), it is co-produced by and stars Rebecca-Clare Evans, pictured left, and is directed by Natalie Smith. You can follow the progress of the film on their Facebook.

A young farmer ‘Talfryn’ had heard of the old Welsh folk tales of another magical land beneath the waters of Llyn Coch but never did he imagine such things could be real, until one morning whilst fishing he sees a vision of a small man in the middle of the lake on a wooden ladder.

Talfryn becomes infatuated with the lake visiting daily but doesn’t see anything as magical as he did that day. What he doesn’t realise is, he was also being watched from beneath the waters.

The fairy princess of the lake falls in love with the farmer. Breaking her people’s rules, she allows Talfryn to see her, he instantly falls in love but he doesn’t understand why she wont tell him her name or even come out of the waters to talk to him.

After a visit from his neighbor Mrs Williams, he reluctantly confides in her thinking she will laugh at him as did his fellow farmers, to his surprise Mrs Williams believes in the old folk tale and further more tells him secrets on how to catch the fairy maiden.

Why and how does Mrs Williams know so much about the magical kingdom? Do Talfryn and the Fairy princess live happily ever after?

We can’t wait for this film! The beautiful Welsh folk song, Dacw ‘Nghariad, is an ancient song and the writer is sadly unknown.  Eve Goodman, the singer of this wonderful song, has kindly told us that she has written a brand new song for the Film, called Fairy Call, but it is, as yet, unreleased!

We’ll keep you posted as more develops!


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2 Responses to “Beneath the Waters of Llyn Coch – a new film of an old tale!”

  1. Eveon 22 Apr 2013 at 9:44 pm

    Hi! I’m the singer of that song, and I must point out that it is not my original song… it is an ancient folk song, the writer is unknown. I did however write a new song for the film called Fairy Call, it hasn’t been released yet though! You might want to make a few amendments to this page as I can’t claim ownership of Dacw Nghariad- like I say it’s an ancient song. Sorry! Just thought you should know :)

  2. Garyon 22 Apr 2013 at 10:31 pm

    Hi Eve,

    Thank you so, so much for the clarification! It’s greatly appreciated – I misunderstood when putting that post together. Needless to say, we still can’t wait to see the film and hear your song! Maybe in the future, you’d let us play it on our show? A Welsh, Fairy folk song! Sounds perfect :) :)

    Thank you again for all you help and the very best of luck with the song and the film -0 wonderful projects!

    Many blessings

    Gary (& Ruthie) xxx

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