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Celtic Myth Podshow Android App


aka 'Celtic Myth Show App'  or see iPhone/iPad version

Read on to find out more about the amazing App and all of the fantastic things you can do with the show's App. Not only that, but you can get the shownotes in PDF form to read inside the app, some downloadable wallpaper or images for each episode to use on your Android device and some extra audio content on selected episodes!

Amazon App Logo

You can buy the app from Amazon UK by clicking the image to the left or download from Amazon US . If the link is changed to a mobile version that won't work on your handset, click on your Browser ('Internet') settings and select 'Desktop View', then try again.


Some sample Screens below

Android App Show Playing

All shows in the archive are available to listen to.

Android App Play Controls

The Play controls for an individual episode.

Android App Shownots

You can read the Shownotes inside the App.

Android App Player Controls

Slide up more detailed Play controls

Android App Player Controls

Turn on its side for simple Car controls

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