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Special Episode 30 - The Albion Interview

28th April 2012, 53m 4s, 50.4Mb

In this show, we hope to bring you the second of our special features about the mythic film, The Spirit of Albion: the Movie and celebrate Beltane along the way! We meet Damh the Bard, who created the songs used in the films and Gary Andrews, the Director, Author and Editor for the film. We managed to meet them on a nice, quiet afternoon in the beautiful country pub, The Giant's Rest which is almost at the feet of the mighty giant known as The Long Man of Wilmington, a huge chalk figure that makes his acting debut in the film to have a fun chat about the film. The film will première a couple of days after this show is released and we'll all get our chance to see this long-awaited production!

Hope you enjoy it,

Gary & Ruthie x x x


SP30 - The Albion Interview

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The Flag Fen Rescue Project

"With the Flag Fen Lives project, DigVentures is launching Europe’s first-ever crowd-funded and crowd-sourced archaeological excavation. We will be building a community with archaeology at its heart: our funding ‘Venturers’ will be a part of the project from start to finish. The only difference will be the benefit level that you purchase." [source]

The fieldwork at Flag Fen, an amazing Bronze Age site located in Peterborough, will be the first project to be undertaken by the team – you can read more about the archaeological objectives of the 2012 season here.

Flag Fen across Lake

"Our work will be an essential part of saving the archaeology and giving the site a future life, and all we need to do is to raise £25,000 to make this incredible project happen. You and your friends can be a part of it – by supporting us through buying benefits, and even joining us on site. The more you contribute, the more involved you can become – from being one of the first to receive the site report, to rolling up your sleeves and actually taking part."

You can find out more about DigVentures and the 'Save Flag Fen' project on the DigVentures site or make a donation and take part in this amazing work by visiting Sponsume.



The Giant's Rest, Wilmington

The Giant's Rest, Wilmington

Click the Pictures for a full size view

Thanks go out to the wonderful manager of the Giant's Rest, Gary (oh yes, another Gary!) who gave us permission to record in the pub which is has been known for over a decade as the Most Druid Friendly Sussex Public House! It even has two awards to prove it! Ruthie was kind enough to take a photo of all three Garys and Damh in front of the two plaques to show you. A little Birdie tells me that the Pub is due for recognition this year as well.

Plaques at the Giant's Rest


From left to right, you can see me (Gary), Gary Andrews, Damh the Bard and Gary the Manager. If you click on the picture to enlarge it you'll see the two plaques awarded to the Pub. The Licensees are Adrian and Rebecca Hillman.

You can find out more about the Giant's Rest on their website, telephone them on 01323 870207 or email them at abecjane@aol.com. They are located at "The Street, Polegate, East Sussex BN26 5SQ" or on Google Maps.

Group Photo in front of Plaques



Weaving the Summer - Spiral Dance

 Spiral Dance

Multi-award winning group Spiral Dance, based in Adelaide, has been playing rousing, high-energy music to enthusiastic audiences throughout Australia and beyond for over a decade. With a combination of haunting vocals, evocative fiddle, intoxicating guitar riffs and groovy accordion lines, underpinned with potent bass and dynamic percussion, the band presents an eclectic blend of traditional folk-rock with powerful self-penned songs and tunes. Enchanting melodies intertwine with mythical tales that are sure to captivate your soul, tease your mind and steal your heart, casting your spirit into the realms of magic and the mists of ancient time.

As Adrienne, their lead vocalist puts it: "Having grown up surrounded by magic and a love of legends, I longed to put these feelings in to song. I believe we all have an affinity with the magical elements of our existence and the songs are written to invoke these emotions from within."

We are privileged to bring you the rousing track, Weaving the Summer, for our Beltane Show. You'll hear Adrienne sing about Hastings and its' Jack in the Green Festival, which takes places just along the coast from us. It's a small world when a superb Australian band, sings about a festival that takes place all the way across the globe in the town where Gary was born! You can find out more about Spiral Dance on their website or on their Contributor Page.


The Spirit of Albion Interview

 Damh the Bard

Damh is a modern-day Bard whose spirituality, and love of folk tradition, is expressed through his music, storytelling and poetry. Drawing on the Bardic traditions his performances are both entertaining and educational, weaving a tapestry of myth, peace, and anthems that speak directly to the heart, but never without a good splash of humour. This beautiful track is the anthem of the film and explores how the Ancient Celtic Gods have never really left us.


You can find his music on iTunes, or from his website, Pagan Music. He is also the voice behind Druidcast, the official podcast of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD, for short) - modern day Druids. You can find Druidcast here and find out more about OBOD here. You can find out more details about Damh on his Contributor page on this website.


The Spirit of Albion: the Movie

Spirit of Albion Poster

Click on the image to see it full-size


We had the chance to talk to Gary and Damh at the Giant's Rest about many aspects of the film and how the music was used to tell the story. We asked Damh where some of his inspiration came from and how he felt about his songs taking on a new life in the film. We spoke to Gary about his influences in creating the film as well as how he related to Damh's music. We also briefly touched upon the Robin of Sherwood series that influenced a whole generation of Pagans back in the '80s and wondered whether its influence had been felt in the film.

Spirit of Albion Flyer front Link to Facebook fanpage Follow us on Twitter Buy now

We chatted about how both Gary and Damh were going to support the show once it had been released and Gary told us about a Press Kit that he had made for any Celtic or Pagan Communities that wished to use images and information from. You can find his presskit here (70 Mb download) or email Gary for more information at gary@egotripmedia.co .uk. The best news is that there will be a NTSC version for the US market and a PAL, region-free version for the rest of the world - everyone will be able to see the film!

Flyer Back

Gary also told us about the Extras that are available on the DVD will include commentaries, a Blooper reel, and a brand-new Making Of... produced by Marq English, of MEV Productions, who was responsible for the fantastic Albion Diaries that we followed on YouTube keeping us in touch with the film. Before we finished the chat, Gary mentioned that there was a possible follow-on project in the pipeline - listen in for more details!

Blessings of Beltane - Cernunnos Rising


 Cernunnos Rising

George Nicholas and Cernunnos Rising bring us a unique blend of new age, celtic, pagan, drudic music, featuring evocative songs with deep and well crafted lyrics; reminding us of a living tradition that explores the mysticism of trees, the waters, the air that we breathe, the seen and the unseen and delicate balance in all things.

In this show you can hear his powerful song, Blessings of Beltane, which comes from the Wild Soul album and is perfect to round off our Beltane celebrations. You can find out more about Cernunnos Rising on their website or here, on their Contributor Page.

We also talk briefly about George's wonderful Charity activities, with the charity "Art for Their Sake" that specialises in painting murals on the walls of Hospitals for sick and disabled children and Schools for Children with Special Needs. His work is amazing - have a look at the video below for details of what George and his team have accomplished at the Alder Hey Hospital.


We hope you've enjoyed this show and have a wonderful May Eve or Beltane in the Northern Hemisphere and a wonderful Harvest/Lughnasadh in the Southern Hermisphere. If you are going to the première of The Spirit of Albion: the Movie, come up and say hello to us - we'll be there. If not, we hope you enjoy the film!


The DVD is available for pre-order


Special Thanks

Damh the Bard for permission to use his songs and constant encourgement. See his website for further details of check out his Contributor Page.

EgoTrip Media Ltd., for permission to attend the movie shoots and record as much audio as we wanted. See their website for further details.

The Spirit of Albion: the Movie, for allowing us to share in the production and allowing us to take part in the film as well! See their website for further details about the film.

Lusete, for permission to use her wonderful still photographs from the movie. See her website for more details about her and her wonderful artwork, including more photographs from the Movie.

Darren & Siobhan Thomas for permission for us to record in their wonderful woodland, Morgan's Wood.

Marq English of MEV Productions for permission to use clips from his wonderful Albion Diaries. See his website for details of all of his wonderful work including the fascinating sequel to Return to Ravenswood, called Ravenswood.

and special thanks to all of the many friends we made, who sadly we cannot fit on this page!


For incidental music/transitions:

Diane Arkenstone The Secret Garden See her Contributor page for more details.

Kim Robertson, Angels in Disguise. See her Contributor page for more details.

Jigger, Time Ticks Away. See the Contributor page for more details.


Extra Special Thanks for Unrestricted Access

As always,

Anne Roos

Extra Special thanks go for permission to use any of her masterful music to Anne Roos. You can find out more about Anne on her website or on her Contributor page.

Damh the Bard

Extra Special thanks go to Damh the Bard for his permission to use any of his music on the Show. You can find out more about Damh (Dave) on his website or on his Contributor page.

The Dolmen

Extra Special thanks also go to The Dolmen, for their permission to use any of their fantastic Celtic Folk/Rock music on the Show. You can find out more about The Dolmen on their website or on our Contributor page.


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Kevin Skinner

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SJ Tucker

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Spiral Dance

Extra Special thanks go for permission to use Adrienne and the band to use any of their music in the show. You can find out more about Spiral Dance on their website or on their Contributor page.


Additional Sources

And, of course, the Awen - inspiration and imagination!


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