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Special Episode 25 Pt 2 - The Irish Mythological Cycle & Autumn Equinox 2011

2nd October, 1h 09m 21s, 63.6Mb

In this show we finish off our summary of the Irish Mythological Cycle as we've met it so far in the first 29 story episodes. Not only is this show finishing off a whole branch of Celtic Mythology, but it also celebrates the Autumn Equinox for 2011, so we've made it a real cracker and split it into two halves. In the first half you heard an epic poem, 4 great songs and we took a look at the Origins of the Manuscripts which these stories come from and highlight some of the themes we've noticed in the stories.

We conclude our examination of the Irish Mythological Cycle in this Second Part of this show by looking at the main characters in the stories, finishing the epic saga of Greenwood the Bard's epic poem, and yes, another 5 great pieces of music!

We also introduce you to the newest member of the team, play another Pentacle Drummers track to let you know that the deadline for competition entries is the 20th November 2011.

Hope you enjoy it,

Gary & Ruthie x x x

SP25b - The Irish Mythological Cycle & Autumn Equinox 2011

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The Bards of Mystic - The Old Man & the Fairy Queen

The Bards of Mystic

William Widmaier is the “Captain” of the Bards of Mystic. William is the founder and the driving force behind the Bards. He is also the writer of all the stories, and that's his voice you hear narrating. 


Find out more about the Bards of Mystic on Myspace. More details will also be found on our Contributor page.

Greenwood the Bard - Book of Invasions

Greenwood the Bard

Greenwood the Bard, aka Stephen Cole, has written much wonderful poetry and we're very privileged to bring you his "Book of Invasions" epic saga that re-tells the story of the Invasions of Erin.

"After a lifelong love of myth and magic,fairytale and folklore, and brought up in a family where faith and a Godly lifestyle were more important than religion, I was named as a Bard at a Gorsedd in Glastonbury. I am deeply in love with my Creator and His Creation, I have a passion for music, poetry and storytelling, and I live to build bridges between Christian and Pagan <><"

That is such a wonderful quest and so sad that any bridges need to be built. Good luck, Stephen!


Check out his Facebook page for more of his wonderful poetry, the poetry pages on paganspace.net and mysticchrist.co.uk where we're waiting for his posts to start appearing.

David Helfand - Elven Home of the Chapel Halls

David Helfand

David Helfand composes and performs original and traditional music on Celtic Harp, mandocello, guitar, keyboards and percussion. Many of David's compositions were born through improvisation and drawn on the inspiration found in the power of music from many wondrous cultures.

As I returned from my maiden voyage from the land of Britain full of awe, unspeakable joy and deep reservoirs of inspiration, slowly the music started to speak. From the high craggy cliffs where the ruins of Tintagel castle lay overlooking the dark waters off Cornwall's shore, to the ancient majestic ruins of Glastonbury Abbey and the dark mysteries of the Tower of London, the swirling maze of the city's streets and the magic of the standing stones on Salisbury Plain, I swam deep in the waters of imagination.

Shortly after returning home and embarking on creating "At the Edge of the Cornish Sea", I soon shared with the world, dark grief and immense sadness as the two towers crumbled to the earth creating it's deep grave of shattered lives and dreams. What once seemed important became insignificant against the dark clouds of sorrow.

Over the long months of searching for meaning and reasons to keep faith alive in the simple and profound moments in our lives, the realms of purpose slowly unfolded and once again music quietly spoke through the silence to deliver it's unworldly sense of beauty and hope. Remembering what an honor it is to be here in this world and cherishing the mystery of our lives humbly opened once again a door and gave me courage to dream.

This wonderful track comes from his At the Edge of the Cornish Sea album.

You can find out more details about David on his website or on his Contributor page on this website.

Save Newgrange

Save Newgrange

Statement from SaveNewgrange.org

WELCOME to Save Newgrange, launched Jan 2010, after it was announced that Meath County Council, the National Roads Authority and  Minister for Transport, Noel Dempsey, want to build the N2 Slane bypass (greenfield dual-carriageway), 500 metres from Brú na Bóinne UNESCO World Heritage Site, containing NewgrangeKnowth and Dowth and the Battle of the Boyne site.  Please sign our Petition, join our Facebook group and Facebook cause, and follow us on Twitter. If you have time, please fill out our Irish Heritage Rights Survey, which we will be submitting to the United Nations Human Rights Committee.

The last we hear from them is that the Slane By-pass has been suspended (August 2010), which is good news!



Kray Van Kirk - I'll Meet You in Ireland

Kray Van Kirk

The Wort Hotel, in Jackson, Wyoming, was the first place I began to play music and actually get paid for doing it. Years before, John Fahey and Leo Kottke had sat together on the same stage, under the same lights, playing music that would shape decades of guitarists. Playing there felt like sleeping with a textbook under your pillow, hoping to absorb something through osmosis.

That was in 1990, and after five years of living out of my van and playing shows in the western US and Canada, my hair is shorter and the lines on my face a bit deeper. I'm a single parent, working on a PhD, and I live in a town in Alaska that has no road access.


I have a different approach now to writing and performing music. I no longer record CDs, as I want to reduce the waste headed to our landfills, and I don't charge money for my songs as a deliberate movement away from the bottom line that seems to govern so much of our daily lives.

Every now and then someone asks me how I am ever supposed to make a living as a musician when I don't make CDs and I give my songs away, since most performers make more money on sales than concert fees. I confess: I have no idea! Footsteps in the dark.

So I keep writing my songs, and I sing them when I play a show, and I give them away to anyone who wants them. My graduate work takes me to interesting places on rather short notice sometimes, and I try to plan concerts around that travel, although the short notice can make it difficult.

But if I don't make it to where you live, or even if I do, the Downloads page on my website is full of little digital penguins waiting to march their way across the world, leaving no footprints in the snow.

About this track, I'll Meet You in Ireland, he says: One of my favorite poems is Yeats' Song of Wandering Aengus. All of us get old, but inside there is a place that never changes. We may wake up in bodies long gone frail, but the person who looks out is golden-eyed, barefoot in the grass, heady with the light and smells of a Spring that is endless, and generally wondering what the hell happened.

Find out more about Kray on his website or his Contributor Page.

We then talk about the Competition about the Pentacle Drummers we set in the Chatterbox Show SP24 and set an ending date of the 20th October 2011 for competition entries.

The Pentacle Drummers - Rumblin' Thunder

Pentacle Drummers in Medieval Costume

"The Pentacle Drummers from Eastbourne, East Sussex were a small group founded in 2001 to perform at the Lammas Festival to accompany the Eastbourne Giants, 'Herne the Hunter' and 'Andred', Saxon Goddess of the Weald. We have since grown from a small group to a troupe in excess of twenty.

"We are delighted to be associated with the Giants and will always 'beat a path' for them at various parades and fayres. We are thrilled to continue to appear with the Giants at the Michelham Priory and Herstmonceux Medieval Festivals where we also lead the soldiers to their re-enactment battles.

"The Pentacle Drummers actively support Eastbourne Bonfire Society at bonfires throughout Sussex but are happy to appear on our own or in support of other Bonfire Societies when invited!"

You can hear the thundering track Rumblin' Thunder, which is from their album Life in Tatters!

You can find out more about The Drummers on their website at The Pentacle Drummers or on their Contributor Page.


Damh the Bard - Land of the Ever-Young

Damh at the Mercian Gathering in 2011

We can do no better than finish the show with Damh singing us out with his song about the realm of the Celtic Gods, the Land of the Ever-Young, Tir na nOg from his superb album The Hills They Are Hollow.

Damh is a musical storyteller who works within the world of myth that cannot be proved; where the Faerie really do dance on Midsummer's Eve, where the trees talk, and the Hollow Hills take you into the realms of Annwn. Where the Goddess rides her horse, guiding you to magic, and the Horned God of old calls us from the shadows of the Greenwood. So relax, and let the music take you there. [source]


You can find out more about Damh on his website at Pagan Music or on our Contributor Page.

You can find out more about the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids that he represents on their website at druidry.org.

Special Thanks

Kevin Skinner for From the Time Before, Shaman's Night and At The Gates of Dinas Afferon from his album Fire Walk With Me. See his website for further details of check out his Contributor Page.

John Burge for his entrancing Celtic rhythms from his Echoes album. See his Contributor Page for more details.

For incidental music:

Diane Arkenstone The Secret Garden See her Contributor page for more details.

Kim Robertson, Angels in Disguise. See her Contributor page for more details.

Jigger, Time Ticks Away. See the Contributor page for more details.


Extra Special Thanks for Unrestricted Access

As always,

Damh the Bard

Extra Special thanks go to Damh the Bard for his permission to use any of his music on the Show. You can find out more about Damh (Dave) on his website or on his Contributor page.

Kevin Skinner

Extra Special thanks go for permission to use his superb music to Kevin Skinner. You can find out more about Kevin on his website or on his Contributor page.

The Dolmen

Extra Special thanks also go to The Dolmen, for their permission to use any of their fantastic Celtic Folk/Rock music on the Show. You can find out more about The Dolmen on their website or on our Contributor page.


Extra Special thanks go for permission to use their inspired music to Keltoria. You can find out more about Keltoria on their website or on their Contributor page.

Anne Roos

Extra Special thanks go for permission to use her masterful music to Anne Roos. You can find out more about Anne on her website or on her Contributor page.

Additional Sources

And, of course, the Awen - inspiration and imagination!


We'd like to wish you 'Hwyl fawr!', which means Goodbye and have fun, or more literally Wishing a Good Mood on you!



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