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Special Episode 25 Pt 1 - The Irish Mythological Cycle & Autumn Equinox 2011

29th September, 45m 58s, 42.1b

In this show we start to summarise the Irish Mythological Cycle as we've met it so far in the first 29 story episodes. Not only is this show finishing off a whole branch of Celtic Mythology, but it also celebrates the Autumn Equinox for 2011, so we've made it a real cracker and split it into two halves. We've got an epic poem, 4 great songs in this first half and we take a look at the Origins of the Manuscripts which these stories come from and highlight some of the themes we've noticed in the stories.

This was the question we asked you: what themes do you think are the most important, and this show includes your ideas as well as ours.

We conclude our examination of the Irish Mythological Cycle in the Second Part of this show which will be dropped into the feed and available for download 2-3 days after this one so you have chance to listen to the show and keep it fresh in the old brain box before we finish of the show with the end of the poem, the other observations we've made and yes more great music!


Hope you enjoy it,

Gary & Ruthie x x x

SP25a - The Irish Mythological Cycle & Autumn Equinox 2011

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The Spirit of Albion


This is the first of the Albion Diaries and you can find them on youTube from http://youtu.be/zOyNSqBB-f0 onwards. Production Diary 1 of the making of 'The Spirit of Albion' Movie featuring songs by Damh the Bard and Directed by Gary Andrews. The directiorial genius behind this move is Gary Andrews and you can find out more about him, his work and The Spirit of Albion at the movie website, www.thespiritofalbionthemovie.com. The Diaries have been produced by Marq English at http://www.mevproductions.co.uk.


Esther, Annie and George are 3 people whose lives have reached a crisis point. On the night of 31st October, all three find themselves drawn to a clearing in the woods. Secrets are revealed and nothing will ever be the same again as an ancient power emerges from the shadows…


The Teaser Trailer




Anne McWiden - Si Do Mhaimeo I

Anne McWiden

Anne McWiden is a very talented musican and solo artist. She plays keyboard, flute, tin whistles, and sings. McWiden began her musical journey at the age of 9. From there, her father intruduced her to Celtic music.

What makes Annie even more exceptional is the fact that she was born blind. While it has made things difficult as an artist, she's worked hard to excel in the field. She sings Gaelic and English traditional songs from both Ireland and Scotland.

Look forward to more from Annie in future shows!

This song is called "She's Your Granny!" and we read out the English version in the AppExtra. For those without the App, you can find lyrics on this lyrics site. It's intersting to note that the word they translate as Granny is 'cailleach', which also means widow, old woman, crone, elder and so on and is of particular interest as we looked at the Celtic Hag Goddess in SP15 - Samhain 2009.

You can find out more about Anne McWiden on her Contributor Page.

Greenwood the Bard - Book of Invasions

Greenwood the Bard

Greenwood the Bard, aka Stephen Cole, has written much wonderful poetry and we're very privileged to bring you his "Book of Invasions" epic saga that re-tells the story of the Invasions of Erin.

"After a lifelong love of myth and magic,fairytale and folklore, and brought up in a family where faith and a Godly lifestyle were more important than religion, I was named as a Bard at a Gorsedd in Glastonbury. I am deeply in love with my Creator and His Creation, I have a passion for music, poetry and storytelling, and I live to build bridges between Christian and Pagan <><"

That is such a wonderful quest and so sad that any bridges need to be built. Good luck, Stephen!

Check out his Facebook page for more of his wonderful poetry, the poetry pages on paganspace.net and mysticchrist.co.uk where we're waiting for his posts to start appearing.

Dark Patrick - Morfa'r Frevhines

Dark Patrick

Founded by Ukrainian Eva and Englishman Paul, musicians with experience touring in Great Britain and Ukraine, international ethnic-fusion project Dark Patrick is gaining speed, taking part in all the biggest Ukrainian folk festivals. Each member of the group has mastery of several modern and folk instruments (often playing more than one at once).

You can read more about this original and fascinating Celtic music on Dark Patrick's website or on their Contributor Page.

Morfa'r Frenhines from their album Fáinne Geal an Lae (The Dawning of the Day) is a Welsh melody and means "The Queen's Marsh" often mis-quoted as the Queen's March. It is an old traditional Welsh harp tune and its haunting melody stays with you long after you've heard it.

On the Show, Gary gets this tune confused with the title of the album and the track of that name Fáinne Geal an Lae, which is an old Irish air composed by the blind harpist Thomas Connellan in the 17th Century. An Irish-language song with this name (Fáinne Geal an Lae) was published by Edward Walsh (1805-1850) in 1847 in Irish Popular Songs and later translated into English as The Dawning of the Day. The melody of this song was used by Irish poet Patrick Kavanagh for his poem, "On Raglan Road".

Raglan Road has been performed by a number of notable artists including: The Dubliners, Sinéad O'Connor, Luke Kelly and Mark Knopfler. This song also goes by the Irish name Fáinne Geal an Lae - literally "The bright ring of the day." It is often played as a march and is one of the first tunes that a student of Irish music will learn.

This is an Aisling where the poet encounters a mysterious beautiful woman who symbolises Ireland - Cáit Ní Dhuibhir, Caitlín Ní Uallacháin, Róisín Dubh etc. In this case, she upbraids him as a frivolous rake and points to the approaching dawn (of freedom from English rule). At the end of the Desmond Rebellions and Nine Years' War, Irish poets were facing their own elimination as a matter of deliberate English policy. [wiki]

The lyrics to accompany the melody (and their translation) below are also from Wiki.

Maidin moch do ghabhas amach,
Ar bruach Locha Léin;
An Samhradh teacht's an chraobh len'ais,
Is ionrach te ón ngréin,
Ar thaisteal dom trí bhailte
poirt is bánta mine réidhe,
Cé a gheobhainn le máis ach an chúileann deas,
Le fáinne geal an lae.
Ní raibh bróg ná stoca, caidhp ná clóc;
Ar mo stóirin óg ón spéir,
Ach folt fionn órga sios go troigh,
Ag fás go barr an théir.
Bhí calán crúite aici ina glaic,
'S ar dhrúcht ba dheas a scéimh,
Do rug barr gean ar Bhéineas deas,
Le fáinne geal an lae.
Do shuigh an bhrideog sios le m'ais,
Ar bhrinse glas den fhéar,
Ag magadh léi bhios dá maiomh go pras,
Mar mhnaoi nach scarfainn léi.
'S é dúirt í liomsa, "imigh uaim,
Is scaoil ar siúl mé a réic",
Sin iad aneas na soilse ag teacht,
Le fáinne geal an lae.
One morning early I went out
On the shore of Lough Leinn
The leafy trees of summertime,
And the warm rays of the sun,
As I wandered through the townlands,
And the luscious grassy plains,
Who should I meet but a beautiful maid,
At the dawning of the day.
No cap or cloak this maiden wore
Her neck and feet were bare
Down to the grass in ringlets fell
Her glossy golden hair
A milking pail was in her hand
She was lovely, young and gay
Her beauty excelled even Helen of Troy
At the dawning of the day.
On a mossy bank I sat me down
With the maiden by my side
With gentle words I courted her
And asked her to be my bride
She turned and said, "Please go away,"
Then went on down the way
And the morning light was shining bright
At the dawning of the day.

translation by Na Casaidigh


We then go on to discuss the origins of the Irish Mythological Cycle and when the original manuscripts can be dated back to.

Rick Allen - The Raven

Rick Allen

An immortal voice and talent. The lyrical, bardic poetry of a Celtic warrior and spiritual seeker, this recording of Rick Allen's unforgettable voice, accompanied by the musical gifts of The Constant Cohorts, brings the listener back to the days of yore when Druids thrived, the Green Man freely roamed the land, passionate Love was a path to the Mysteries, the Muse was a Lady in White, “. . . and men were true.”

This is Rick's version of the great "The Raven" by Gwydion Pendderwen. Please visit our Contributor page to learn more about Rick Allen's story.


Kellianna - Full Height of our Power


Kellianna is an accomplished musician and performer worldwide. Her CD's , Lady Moon and I Walk with the Goddess are being recognized around the globe as a must have for any lover of Goddess inspired folk music. Her live shows are a combination of acoustic guitar songs and chants to the God and Goddess.

She is a certified teacher of SpiritSong, a powerful tool for freeing your voice, for accessing the authentic sound that is you, and for entering into Spirit. Kellianna was trained by Shawna Carol in facilitating this unique approach to spiritual growth. Kellianna facillitates chant circles at festivals and shops all over the states She is a collector of chants and takes great joy in sharing these chants in her circles. She is experienced in the art of ritual chant, and uses the song to move energy, to celebrate the ancient mysteries, and to strengthen intention.

This track, the Full Height of our Power, is from her new album Elemental which is, as we come to expect from Kellianna, superb.

Learn more about Kellianna on her website or on her Contributor Page.


We then talk about the themes that we have seen in the Tales, including the ideas and observatoions that you have made, before making a quick exit in time for part 2 in a couple of days time!

Special Thanks

Kevin Skinner for Copper Moon Dreatime and Tuatha De Danaan from his album Fire Walk With Me. See his website for further details of check out his Contributor Page.

John Burge for his entrancing Celtic rhythms from his Echoes album. See his Contributor Page for more details.

Adragante, for rage au coeur from his album, harmonie cosmique. See his Contributor Page for more details.

For incidental music:

Diane Arkenstone The Secret Garden See her Contributor page for more details.

Kim Robertson, Angels in Disguise. See her Contributor page for more details.


Extra Special Thanks for Unrestricted Access

As always,

Damh the Bard

Extra Special thanks go to Damh the Bard for his permission to use any of his music on the Show. You can find out more about Damh (Dave) on his website or on his Contributor page.

Kevin Skinner

Extra Special thanks go for permission to use his superb music to Kevin Skinner. You can find out more about Kevin on his website or on his Contributor page.

The Dolmen

Extra Special thanks also go to The Dolmen, for their permission to use any of their fantastic Celtic Folk/Rock music on the Show. You can find out more about The Dolmen on their website or on our Contributor page.


Extra Special thanks go for permission to use their inspired music to Keltoria. You can find out more about Keltoria on their website or on their Contributor page.

Anne Roos

Extra Special thanks go for permission to use her masterful music to Anne Roos. You can find out more about Anne on her website or on her Contributor page.


Additional Sources

And, of course, the Awen - inspiration and imagination!

We'd like to wish you 'Hwyl fawr!', which means Goodbye and have fun, or more literally Wishing a Good Mood on you!


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