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Special Episode 21 - Autumn Holiday 2010 Pt. 1

23rd August 2010, 40m 29s, 37.1Mb

This is the first half of our Autumn Holiday Special for 2010. We've got a fantastic collection of customs and history about the Fey in Northern Scotland, three great pieces of music, some listener feedback and a superb poem about Summer by Alexander Pope. Top all that off with our usual chat, and you've got a superb show. Hope you enjoy it and have as much fun as we had making it!

SP21 - Autumn Holiday 2010 Pt.1

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We chat about the new Irish film 'Ondine' with Colin Farrell (IMDB) which is the story of a 'Selkie'. In addition, we mention the new Cuchulainn film 'Hound' which we have blogged about previously and Gary mentions a new film about Scottish clans at war, called 'The Clan'. You can find out more at www.theclanmovie.com.

Claymore - Shades of the Green

High-energy and committed!!! England born Chris, as well as Jim and Derrek like to enjoy ourselves, and like to get everybody around us to have a fun time, but we also are very dedicated musicians. Although it may seem like Claymore is just about jumping around and not appearing serious, all of us are committed to being the best at what each of us do. We have our regular drummer Don (Otto) Wilson out with us on most occasions also. We are truly passionate about the music. We are also very grateful for our family and friends, who come out or support us in many different ways.


You can find out more details about Claymore on their website or on their Contributor page on this website.

Fairies by Water Gregor (1881)

Folk LOre of North East Scotland

This section comes from the book 'Notes on the Folk-Lore of the North-East of Scotland' and the introduction says:

This is an ethnographic study of the inhabitants of the North-Eastern area of Scotland in the mid-19th century, at a time when an agrarian, barter economy still prevailed. Life was hard among these remote coastal communities, and they lived in fear of maleficent witches and the 'Evil Eye'. Many of the rituals, taboos and folkways in this book are to ward off witchcraft directed against economic mainstays such as livestock and fishing.


The book has many fascinating bits of lore, as well as extensive oral poetry, all in Scots dialect. (There is, thankfully, an extensive glossary at the end, in case ye're na sure fhat all the clatterin's aboot.). There are also detailed descriptions of holidays, weddings, and other celebrations, which reveal that life was not completely grim. [Sacred Texts]

The chapter we read from is specifically about Fairies and customs associated with them. [source]

Anne Roos - King of the Fairies

Anne Roos

Anne has graciously allowed us to play King of the Fairieswhich is a superb folk piece from her album, A Light in the Forest. More details about Anne and her albums can be found on her Contributor page.


Anne Roos is considered at the top of her field as a Celtic harpist. She is a many-faceted performer who excels as a soloist in concert, as well as with her ensemble, with her years of experience and a wide range of choices from her music list. She is in great demand for corporate and private events and continues to be a favorite to play for weddings and receptions.

Anne’s music repertoire spans traditional Celtic (Irish, Scottish, Welsh), English, folk, religious and secular, Early, Renaissance and classical music, to Broadway, contemporary, pop and Jazz, and is virtually unlimited. She can easily provide the traditional “Canon in D” and “Here Comes the Bride” for a wedding processional, and play classic Frank Sinatra or Metallica at a reception. Her ability to faithfully play such a broad range of musical styles has helped to establish her popularity.

Visit Anne's website celtic harp music or find more details on her Contributor page.


Summer by Alexander Pope, 1709

Alexander Pope

Alexander Pope (21 May 1688 – 30 May 1744) was an eighteenth-century English poet, best known for his satirical verse and for his translation of Homer. He is the third most frequently quoted writer in The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, after Shakespeare and Tennyson. Pope is famous for his use of the heroic couplet. [Wiki]

The poem comes from the wonderful poetry.about.com


Summer from the Second Pastoral

See what Delights in Sylvan Scenes appear!
Descending Gods have found Elysium here.
In Woods bright Venus with Adonis stray’d;
And chast Diana haunts the Forest Shade.
Come lovely Nymph, and bless the silent Hours,
When Swains from Sheering seek their nightly Bow’rs;
When weary Reapers quit the sultry Field,
And crown’d with Corn, their Thanks to Ceres yield.
This harmless Grove no lurking Viper hides,
But in my Breast the Serpent Love abides.
Here Bees from Blossoms sip the rosy Dew,
But your Alexis knows no Sweet but you.
Some God conduct you to these blissful Seats,
The mossie Fountains, and the Green Retreats!
Where-e’er you walk, cool Gales shall fan the Glade,
Trees, where you sit, shall crowd into a Shade,
Where-e’er you tread, the blushing Flow’rs shall rise,
And all things flourish where you turn your Eyes.
Oh! how I long with you to pass my Days,
Invoke the Muses, and resound your Praise;
Your Praise the Birds shall chant in ev’ry Grove,
And Winds shall waft it to the Pow’rs above.
But would you sing, and rival Orpheus’ Strain,
The wond’ring Forests soon shou’d dance again,
The moving Mountains hear the pow’rful Call,
And headlong Streams hang list’ning in their Fall!

But see, the Shepherds shun the Noon-day Heat,
The lowing Herds to murm’ring Brooks retreat,
To closer Shades the panting Flocks remove,
Ye Gods! and is there no Relief for Love?
But soon the Sun with milder Rays descends
To the cool Ocean, where his Journey ends;
On me Love’s fiercer Flames for ever prey,
By Night he scorches, as he burns by Day.

Herne by Jenna Greene

Jenna Greene

Jenna Greene is a Celtic singer-songwriter, a weaver of myth and magic. She began her musical journey as a soloist at her family’s church in Abington, MA at the age of 10. She always felt that spiritual music brought her peace and wholeness. At the age of 16, she began studying world mythology and it wasn’t long before these universal themes were woven into her music. These new songs took on a life of their own. Listeners described them, along with Jenna’s voice, as “healing and calming”.

"Her ethereal music is inspired by Celtic lore and nature myth. She believes both nature and music are powerful healers. Fused together, her music will take you on a journey to sacred groves, standing stones and places of beauty within yourself."



"A Celtic god who embodies masculine energy. He symbolizes the dark time of the year. Autumn is his time of power. I always think of this beautiful myth when the autumn leaves begin to fall. "


Jenna can be found on Myspace, but her own website provides lots of useful information. You can find out more details about Jenna on her Contributor page on this website.


Listener Feedback

We play some audio feedback from Tim, the Reverend Sylvanus Treewalker who is the host of Pagan Persepectives on Blog Talk Radio. The show was re-launched on the 22nd August and we hope to have a new promo to play you soon.

Pagan Perspectives

The Revered Sylvanus Treewalker presents the Pagan Perspectives show. He presents a show that deals with issues that Modern pagans deal with. Also he will discuss traditions and practices of many different Pagan groups

You can find out more about the Pagan Perspectives on their website. They also have an online social community on the Ning network.



Special Thanks

For incidental music:

Diane Arkenstone The Secret Garden See the Contributor page for more details.

Kim Robertson, Angels in Disguise. See the Contributor page for more details.

Jigger Time Ticks Away. See the Contributor page for details.

Evan, Cloture from the album Alice and Rever... Peut-etre... Part 1 from the album Rever... Peut-etre... See the Contributor page for more details.

Flavio Simone, Au Revoir from the album Naissance. See the Contributor page for more details.

Special thanks go for permission to use their inspired music to Keltoria. You can find out more about Keltoria on their website or on their Contributor page.

Special thanks go for permission to use her masterful music to Anne Roos. You can find out more about Anne on her website or on her Contributor page.

Additional Sources

And, of course, the Awen - inspiration and imagination!



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