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Special Episode 15 - Samhain Holiday Special 2009

3rd November 2009, 1h 42m 11s, 94.1Mb

This is the Samhain Holiday Special featuring 6 wonderful pieces of music, a fantastic section of the Celtic novel for Young Adults, "Rowan of the Wood" and an in-depth study on the Celtic Hag Goddess, the Cailleach. We are also very proud to bring you a world exclusive preview of a track from Damh the Bard's new album, Tales From The Crowman.


SP15 - Samhain Holiday Special 2009

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News & Views

We mention the fact that Gary's health is worsening and he is waiting for an operation and apologise for the delay we are bound to have in getting the shows to you. As soon as we are able, we'll be back up to speed again.

We also talk abou the new Wallpaper that Gary has designed, which you can find in the Resources section.

Bard Song by Jenna Greene

Jenna Greene

Greene Lady Music was founded by husband and wife team Doug and Jenna Greene to produce and promote Jenna’s original music and to teach people the holistic healing power of music.

Jenna Greene is a Celtic Pagan singer-songwriter and harpist. Her songs are inspired by hope and healing, following bliss, nature mythology, the law of attraction and the little miracles in everyday life.

She believes that music, nature and ritual are an empowering combination. Deeply influenced by the works of Joseph Campbell, she has studied world mythology and weaves these universal themes into her music.

Doug Greene is a sound healer and a true Aquarian, ever questing for deeper knowledge. He has intensively studied the works of Dr. Mitch Gaynor and mythologist Joseph Campbell. He brings together the wisdom of these two teachers in a refreshing and thought-provoking way. His recent studies have led him to explore the world of cellular biology and how our minds and music effect our bodies in profound ways. For over 30 years, he has been involved in ritual arts and performance arts including theater, sound and lighting design, orchestra and co-producing Jenna's debut album Crossroads.

Bard Song: A song to honor the original storytellers and songwriters. It is because of their great skill that the ancient nature myths are alive and vibrant today.

Jenna can be found on Myspace, but her own website provides lots of useful information. You can find out more details about Jenna on her Contributor page on this website.


Visions of the Cailleach by Sorita d'Este and David Rankine

Visions of the Cailleach

Standing astride the British landscape, looms the giant blue form of the Cailleach. Whether she is seen as a benevolent earth-shaping giantess, harsh winter hag goddess, shape-shifting crone, guardian of sacred wells and animals, or ancient bestower of sovereignty; the Cailleach appears in many roles and manifestations in myths and legends across the British Isles.

Tracking the Cailleach across thousands of years through folklore, literature and place names, the authors have uncovered startling references which hint at a hidden priestess cult worshipping the Cailleach from ancient times through into the twentieth century. By exploring her myths and legends, they demonstrate the hugely significant role of the Cailleach in the early history of the British Isles.


Beinn na Caillich and Goir a' Bhlair
- the seat of the Cailleach

Corryvreckan Whirlpool

Corryvreckan Whirlpool

The demonization of the Cailleach through the Middle Ages by the Christian Church paralleled that of women and witches, and is reflected in various other supernatural hag figures possibly derived from her and discussed in detail, such as Black Annis, Gyre Carling, Mia Lia, Nicneven and the Old Woman of the Mountain.

Looking beyond the veil of the sacred landscape, the vision of the Cailleach confronts the seeker, in hills and rocks, lakes and wells, burial chambers and stormy skies. Now finally the primal elemental power of the Cailleach is revealed in her full glory, in the tales and places of Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man; as well as in traces of her presence in England, Wales, Jersey, Brittany, Spain and Norway.

This unique and ground-breaking work brings together for the first time the wealth of folklore, stories and legends regarding this most significant of British supernatural figures, whose myths and wisdom are as relevant today as they have ever been.

For more details about the book visit the Avalonia site or you can buy the book on Amazon.


The Authors: Sorita d'Este & David Rankine

Distinguished esoteric authors and researchers Sorita d'Este and David Rankine share a lifelong passion for the legends and myths of our ancestors, as well as for magic, mysticism and religion. They have collaborated on dozens of projects since 2000, including "The Isles of the Many Gods" and "The Guises of the Morrigan". They are well known and respected for the workshops, community groups and ceremonies they facilitiated, as well as for the more than 20 books they have written, both jointly, as solo projects and with other authors.


They live in the beautiful Welsh border town of Hay on Wye, well known as the original bookshop town, in Wales (UK) from where they work. If you want to learn more about Sorita's work see her website and blog at www.sorita.co.uk and for David (including his work with occult scholar Stephen Skinner) see www.ritualmagick.co.uk.

The Pattern by Willson & McKee

The Pattern

The Pattern is a poem that Kim wrote after a her first trip to Ireland and hearing about the myths and legends of the Women knitting a pattern in her husband and sons sweaters to identify them if they were lost at sea and then recovered later. We later put it to music but here is the poem form. Kim & Kenny perform Celtic music under the name of Willson & McKee.

You can find the lyrics to this beautiful song at
http://celticmythpodshow.com/Listeners/ Poems/kimmckee.php and order a copy of the album The Pattern from http://www.jigheads.com/recordings/pattern.html

Ken and Kim met in Phoenix, Arizona. Ken was the booking agent for a local acoustic performance venue, and Kim had to audition for him to perform there! Well, needless to say, the audition went well, she got the job. A year later, they moved to Montana and immediatly began performing and touring their new mixture of music.

Since that beginning, they have concentrated on providing excellent educational and cultural programs, residencies, lyceums and workshops, along side energetic audience friendly concerts. A Willson & McKee performance is not really a performance, but a two-way journey… between past and present… between audience and artists...

You can listen to more of the album on their website at www.jigheads.com and you can find our more about this talented duo on their Contributor page on our website.

Ken Willson & Kim McKee

Niall of the Nine Hostages from 'Visions of the Cailleach'

Visions of the Cailleach

Once more we dip into Visions of the Cailleach to read the tale of NIall of the Nine Hostages and his meeting with the Crone.

Once again, you can find out more details about the book by visiting the Avalonia site or you can buy the book on Amazon.

Banshee by the Blarney Rebel Band

Blarney Rebel Band

The Blarney Rebel Band hails from the Celtic hotbed of Central New York. From the instant they take the stage, the principal aim of The Blarney Rebel Band is to get the audience dancing, clapping and singing (and maybe raising the occasional pint!) With their rousing renditions of all types of traditional Irish music, from rollicking pub tunes, lively sea songs, moving ballads and stirring rebel songs to hand-clapping jigs and reels, they are sure to achieve that aim.



It’s all on display by a group of talented musicians boasting virtuoso musicianship and perfectly blended harmonies, sure to please old and young alike. The Blarney Rebel Band is always ready to help raise a pint, whether at a festival, party or a night at the local pub! The Blarney Rebel Band - perfect for concerts, festivals, parties, schools, clubs or any other event looking for a good time!


You can find out more about the band on their website or on their Contributor page.

Rowan of the Wood by Christine and Ethan Rose

Rowan of the Wood

Cullen meanders through the redwood forest each day on his way to school with a book in his hands, losing himself in fantastic worlds of elves, fairies, and wizards. He loves escaping to these magical lands because reality is not at all fun. Unpopular and younger than the other kids in his class, he suffers an existence of ridicule along with his two misfit friends Maddy and April.

His life changes when he stumbles upon an ancient magic wand inhabited by Rowan, a powerful wizard. He inadvertently releases this wizard and finds himself possessed with a great power and an obsessive need to find a lost love.


Rowan and Fiana were separated on their wedding day, fourteen centuries ago. Rowan survives, trapped in time until a young boy releases him. Fiana uses dark magic to stay alive and young, continuously searching for her husband. Over the centuries, she descends deeper and deeper into the darkness, eventually giving up her search, until a young boy brings him back to her.

For more details about the book visit the Rowan of the Wood site or you can buy the book on Amazon. You can find out more about the authors and the books on their Contributor page.

Shore of Dreams by Paul ('Sunshine Paul') Newman

Sunshine Paul

Paul has allowed us to play his powereful evocative song based on Celtic Mythology, the Shore of Dreams, from a forthcoming un-released album.

You can find out more about Paul on his website or on his Contributor page.


Standing with Stones DVD

Standing With Stones

Standing With Stones is both a documentary film and an experience. Michael Bott and Rupert Soskin share a passion for archaeology, and in 2001 they teamed up to create a film exploring the richness and variety of our nations prehistoric monuments and the people who built them.
The DVD is an exploration into the wealth of prehistoric sites throughout Great Britain and Ireland on a scale never before attempted on film.

This remarkable film takes the viewer to over a hunded sites throughout Britain and Ireland, exploring the diversity and wonder of our Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments. From the very south of England to the far Scottish Isles, Standing With Stones is a voyage of discovery revealing t5he extraordinary richness of our prehistoric past.


Written and presented by Rupert Soskin, the DVD has 224 minutes of special features to accompany the 136 minutres of the main presentation. The main film is divided up into 7 sections: The West Country, Southern England, Wales, Ireland, Isle of Man & Northern England, Scotland and the Scottish Isles.

You can find out more about the Standing With Stones on the DVD website.

The Gathering Storm by Keltoria


Keltoria is a Celtic music “group” based in the Knockmealdown Mountains of South Tipperary in Ireland. Keltoria music is a hybrid of powerful, elemental traditional Celtic and New Age styles that is pretty unique.

Powerful and Elemental are the key words here. Driven by thundering rhythms and frantic strings, this is not for the faint hearted. A combination of haunting, gothic/celtic atmospheres and thundering rhythms creates a music that is “spiritual” in the sense of the raw power of nature. This is music to make your spirit jump up and fling itself about in wild, whirling abandon.

More than that, we'd like to offer a heart-felt thank you to the band for giving us unlimited access to their music for the Show. They are amazing people.

You can find out more about the Keltoria on their website or on their Contributor page.


Listener Feedback

We read an email from James from London about Prof. Dr. Rotherham's Ladies of the Grail lecture and talk about Matthew and the Magical Times magazine.

Magical Times Magazine

Issue 4

The Magical Times covers everything magical and with a faerie theme...

The environmentally-friendly A5 magazine is published three times a year by Magical Festivals. It was originally released as a pagan magazine but, after many requests from readers, it now includes artwork and features with faery subjects.

Articles also cover health, healing, mythology, magical traditions, folklore, art, mystical fashion, music, events and more.

Since the magazine's launch, the response has been overwhelming in its support. It has been great to hear such lovely words from people all over the world.

You can find out more about the Magical Times on the website.


Promo - Pagan Perspectives on Blogtalk Radio

The Revered Silvanius Treewalker presents the Pagan Perspectives show. He presents a show that deals with issues that Modern pagans deal with. Also he will discuss traditions and practices of many different Pagan groups

You can find out more about the Pagan Perspectives on their website. They also have an online social community on the Ning network.


Promo - New Forest Podcast

New Forest Podcast

New Media From The New Forest? That's Right… From The Heart Of The Forest To Your Earbuds And Speakers, It's The Weekly New Forest Podcast With Me, Alex Fenson! It's Rather Good… You Should Listen To It…

You can find out more about Alex and the the New Forest Podcast on their website.


Twa Corbies - Damh the Bard

Tales from the Crowman

We're really proud to be able to bring you an early preview of the new album from the astounding Damh the Bard. The album, pictured left, is called Tales from the Crowman adn the track we have been allowed to bring you is the Twa Corbies - that classic folk-song that Damh adds his own unique style to.

He tells us:

Welcome traveller. It’s a beautiful Summer’s day, just right to sit here in this field of corn and listen to the voices of the past...

These songs (apart from the Green Fields of France and Wild Mountain Thyme) are modern interpretations of classic folk songs. The source of these songs lay with the great folk song collectors such as Cecil Sharp, Francis James Child, and the Copper family. These are songs that were transmitted through word of mouth, songs of the lower classes, music with no known composer.

You can find out more about Damh, his wonderful albums and his Druidry on his website or on his Contributor page.



Special Thanks

For incidental music:

Diane Arkenstone The Secret Garden See the Contributor page for more details.

Kim Robertson, Angels in Disguise. See the Contributor page for more details.

Time Ticks Away by Jigger See the Contributor page for more details.

Frozen Silence, Winter from Heart of Winter. See the Contributor page for details.

Scott Boswell, Samhain Dance from Jug of Punch. See his Contributor Page for details.

JEM, Marc et Virginie (instr) from Régression. See the Contributor page for details.

Jaime Heras, El Fuego Que Corre from Album de foto. See his Contributor page for more details.

Flavio Simone, Attente from Orchestrale. See his Contributor page for more details.

James Underberg The Battle, A Lonely Dance and Z. See the Contributor page for more details.

For our Theme music: Culann's Hounds, http://www.sfhounds.com See the Contributor page for more details.

Special thanks go for permission to use their inspired music to Keltoria. You can find out more about Keltoria on their website or on their Contributor page.

Special thanks go for permission to use her masterful music to Anne Roos. You can find out more about Anne on her website or on her Contributor page.


Additional Sources

And, of course, the Awen - inspiration and imagination!



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