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Special Episode 05b - Samhain 2008 Part Two

8th November2008, 1h 11m 41s, 65.6Mb

In our second half, we conclude our celebrations with four great pieces of music, a short story, an excerpt from A Druid's Herbal of Sacred Tree Medicine by Ellen Evert Hopman and some great family stories from listeners.

SP05b - Samhain 2008 Part 2

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News & Views

We tell our listeners about some of the changes made to the website to hopefully make it easier to navigate. We also discuss some amazing new fairy art that has been submitted to us by renowned artist, Justin Russell.

I Will Be A Stranger by Kim Thompsett

Kim Thompsett

Kim Thompsett is a musician and songwriter living and working in the South East of England. She plays guitar, flute, native American flute and zither. Her songs have an escapist quality which evokes the England of old with hints of Celtic, medieval and the classic folk artists of the ‘60’s and 70’s.

The album Songs from the Uglee Meadow is due for release on 30th November 2008. The album title is inspired by a serene and beautiful place in East Sussex called the Uglee Meadow. The album features musicians such as Will Summers from Circulus on recorders, flutes and crumhorn and Philip Martin (alias Drohne) on hurdy gurdy.

You can find out more about Kim on Myspace, last.fm or our Contributor page.

Short Story from House of Pendragon Book 1: Firebrand

House of Pendragon Book 1 - Firebrand

Despite the collar marking her as a slave of Dunn na Carraice, young Lin is fiercely determined to retain her pride and keep her family intact. That dignity bears a price, for Lin has drawn the wrath of Modred, the youngest prince of Orkney. His single-minded quest to break strong-willed Lin--by any means necessary--nearly succeeds. Although accustomed to the death, disease, rape and famine that runs rampant in the slave hovel she calls home, it is when her beloved brother Dafydd is placed on the auction block that her warrior spirit becomes apparent to all who challenge her, and the shocking secret of her lineage is finally revealed.

Find out more about Debra and the House of Pendragon on Myspace, Amber Quill or Telltale Press. More details will also be found on our Contributor page.


Faery Feeling by Karen Kay

Karen Kay

Karen says: I live literally at the ends of the earth in magical mystical Cornwall. I love the sea and lush green nature. The stunning scenery inspires my music and meditations. I love to create and express myself using my voice. I hope you will enjoy my creations

She is also the editor and founder of Fae Magazine. A new magazine for faery fans in the UK, rest of Europe and around the faery world!

You can find out more about Karen on her website or our Contributor page.

A Druid's Herbal of Sacred Tree Medicine

by Ellen Evert Hopman

A Druids Herbal

The Druids used the ancient Ogham Tree Alphabet to work magic and honor the dead, surrounding each letter with medicinal and spiritual lore. Poets and bards created a secret sign language to describe the letters, each of which is named for a tree or a plant. For centuries this language was transmitted only orally in order to protect its secrets.

Combining her extensive herbal knowledge and keen poetic insight, Ellen Evert Hopman delves deeply into the historic allusions and associations of each of the 20 letters of the Ogham Tree Alphabet.

She also examines Native American healing methods for possible clues to the way ancient Europeans may have used these trees as healing agents. Druidic spiritual practices, herbal healing remedies, and plant lore are included for each tree in the alphabet as well as how each is used in traditional rituals such as the Celtic Fire Festivals and other celebrations. Hopman also includes a pronunciation guide for the oghams and information on the divinatory meanings associated with each tree.

Names used in this section

Samhain Halloween
Oiche Shamhna Oiche na Sprideanna
Sean-Shamhain Samhuinn
Hallow E'en Calan Gaeaf
Galen Gwaf Kala-Goanv
Beltaine Fianna
Trinouxtion Samonii Coligny Calendar
Tuatha De Danaan Tara
Echtra Nerai King Ailil
Queen Medb The Sidhe
Shillelaghs Puca
Seachain! Tlaghtga
Mogh Ruith Cernunnos
NicNevin Nemain
Morrigan Cailleach
Avvaloch Avalon


You can find out more about Ellen on the Celtic Heritage website, buy her book on Amazon and also find out more about the Order of the White Oak on their website.

You can find more details on our Contributor page.

The Cauldron Born by Damh the Bard

Damh the Bard

Another one of our all-time favourite tracks based in Celtic Mythology by Damh the Bard. This one concerns the Cauldron of Ceredwen and its magical powers.

Damh is a modern-day Bard whose spirituality, and love of folk tradition, is expressed through his music, storytelling and poetry. Drawing on the Bardic traditions his performances are both entertaining and educational, weaving a tapestry of myth, peace, and anthems that speak directly to the heart, but never without a good splash of humour. Damh is a musical storyteller who works within the world of myth that cannot be proved; where the Faerie really do dance on Midsummer's Eve, where the trees talk, and the Hollow Hills take you into the realms of Annwn. Where the Goddess rides her horse, guiding you to magic, and the Horned God of old calls us from the shadows of the Greenwood.


You can find his music on iTunes, Woven Wheat Whispers or from his website, Pagan Music. He is also the voice behind Druidcast, the official podcast of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD, for short) - modern day Druids. You can find Druidcast here and find out more about OBOD here. You can find out more details about Damh on his Contributor page on this website.


Call of the Morrigan by Ruthie

The Morrigan

Ruthie says: I was inspired to write this by one of our listeners. An amazing woman who is a singer in her own right.



Hear the call of the Morrigan,
The Great Mother, the Crow of Battle,
The giver of all life and the bringer of death.
I am the Goddess that trembles the hearts of men,
Receive me not in dread, my Daughters, for I dwell within you.

Feel my cry in the strife of war!
I anoint and guide the weeping dead.
I bless the land and bring the harvest.
I protect and guide you in distant lands.

I bring the spirits of your ancient kin
To stand with you under the cloak of my wings.
I am the great healer - ally in your darkest hour.
I, the Warrior Queen that walks by your side,
I, the memory of your ancestral home,
I am The Morrigan.

Ancestor's Song by Kellianna

Kellianna Kellianna is an accomplished musician and performer worldwide. Her CD's, Lady Moon and I Walk with the Goddess are being recognized around the globe as a must have for any lover of Goddess inspired folk music. Her live shows are a combination of acoustic guitar songs and chants to the God and Goddess. She is a certified teacher of SpiritSong, a powerful tool for freeing your voice, for accessing the authentic sound that is you, and for entering into Spirit. Kellianna was trained by Shawna Carol in facilitating this unique approach to spiritual growth. Kellianna facillitates chant circles at festivals and shops all over the states She is a collector of chants and takes great joy in sharing these chants in her circles. She is experienced in the art of ritual chant, and uses the song to move energy, to celebrate the ancient mysteries, and to strengthen intention.
Kellianna can be found on Myspace, but her own website provides lots of useful information, including the lyrics to her songs, another chance to listen to more music as well as being able to buy her two CDs. Her music can also be purchased through iTunes. You can find out more details about Kellianna on her Contributor page on this website.
The track she has given us permission to play is called Ancestor's Song, and you can find the lyrics on her site. About the track she says:

Comments & Feedback

We read some amazing family stories our to celebrate our ancestors, including one that has been transformed into a story by listener Jason for us to perform for you. We ask you to contact us if you'd like to hear more and we'll pass your emails along to him. We also say Thank You to Lozboy who has given us a review on the UK iTunes - all helpful in getting people to listen to the show.


Ancestor by Scott Sigler

Ancestor by Scott Sigler

Scott Sigler makes amazing podcasts out of amazing stories and Ancestor is no exception. On a remote island in Lake Superior, scientists struggle to solve the problem of xenotransplantation -- using animal tissue to replace failing human organs. Funded by the biotech firm Genada, Dr. Claus Rhumkorrf seeks to recreate the ancestor of all mammals.

Special Thanks

For incidental music: Diane Arkenstone The Secret Garden See the Contributor page for more details.

Kim Robertson, Angels in Disguise. See the Contributor page for more details.

Time Ticks Away by Jigger See the Contributor page for more details.

Artanis, from Artanis by Armolithae See the Contributor page for more details.

Eleonore, from Les Cordes de l'Ame by Adragante See the Contributor page for more details.

Winter, from Heart of Winter by Frozen Silence See the Contributor page for more details.

Ernst, from Scotland Yard by Olga Scotland See the Contributor page for more details.

James Underberg The Battle See the Contributor page for more details.

Soundtrack to Angel 3, by Sara Ayers, Podsafe Audio See the Contributor page for more details.

For our Theme music: Culann's Hounds, http://www.sfhounds.com See the Contributor page for more details.


Additional Sources

And, of course, the Awen - inspiration and imagination!



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