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Episode 027 - The Raggedy Man

30th May 2009, 35m 34s, 32.6Mb

This tale is the first part of three in the Saga of Manannan. We hear many of the short exploits of the Sea God and he decides to visits the Nobles of Erin in the guise of a rogueish tramp. Are they ready for the wiles of Manannan?

CMP 027 - The Raggedy Man

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The Raggedy Man: Part 1 of the Saga of Manannan

Names Used within the Tale (in order of occurrence)

For more information about the Characters below, see our Biographies section.

Manannan Lir Tuatha De Danaan
Sons of Mil Amergin Erin
Uillenn Faebarderg Magh Cuilen Loch Orbson
Badb Etain Conaire
Deirdre Emhain Sidhe
Diannuid Fianna Cuchulainn
Gae Bulg Conchubar Uisnech
Emain Macha Ulaid Cathbad
Culain Falga Tiabhal
Selkie Muirthemne Muc-Inis
Loch Conn Tuaig Tuag
Teamhair Fer Ferdiad Inver Glas
Baile Cronin Luimnech Lis Mor
Portlairge Finn Fianna
Gilla Decair Cnoc Aine O'Donnell's Kern
Aodh Dubh O'Donnell Belatha Senaig Dun Monaidhe
Alban Ile Cionn-tire
Rachlainn Sliabh Fuad Seaghan
Son of the Earl Desmumain Duartane O'Duartane
Ess Ruadh Ceiscorainn Corsleive
Magh Lorg Dagda Hy'Conaill Gabhra
Cruachan Magh Ai Rann
Sligach O'Conchubar Connachta
Munster Sionnan Tadg O'Cealaigh

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Special Thanks

For incidental music:

Aka Jules, Concerns, Yearning, Failure, Missing and Carelessness from Whenever It Happens. See the Contributor page for details.

Adragante, Queste from les cordes de l'âme.. See the Contributor page for details.

Diane Arkenstone The Secret Garden. See the Contributor page for details.

Kim Robertson, Angels in Disguise, All or None . See the Contributor page for details.

Jigger Time Ticks Away. See the Contributor page for details.

For our Theme music:

The Skylark and Haghole, Culann's Hounds, http://www.sfhounds.com. See the Contributor page for details.







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