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Episode 026 - Blood And Fire

16th May 2009, 36m 29s, 33.5Mb

In this tale we hear about the old Shannachie, Laoidheach, who visits a clan to bring them news. He is encouraged by a lively young woman to tell tales of the Old Gods. So he tells her all he knows of the Morrighan and takes her on a Vision Journey. Afterwards, she asks him to teach her the Lay of Brighid.

CMP 026 - Blood And Fire

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News & Views

We apologise for get Cindy Spear's name wrong in our last show, the Beltane 2009 Holiday Special, SP11. We called her Cindy Ross instead of Cindy Spear.

We also offer support for our Contributing authors who are offering Competitions. We have two to tell you about - both of whom have excerpts from their books for us to perform later on in the year.

Rhonda Carpenter, author of The Mark of a Druid has competitions on her website.

Christine Rose, author with Ethan Rose, of Rowan of the Wood, is running a competition with a Kindle 2 as a prize which you can find details about on their website.

Blood And Fire

Names Used within the Tale (in order of occurrence)

For more information about the Characters below, see our Biographies section.

Laoidheach the Shannachie Ulaid Beltainne
Shannachie Moya Gráinne
Faolán Morrighan Teamhair
Fianna Mechi Magh Mechi
Magh Fertaige Mac Cecht Erin
Magh Luathad CuChulainn Conchobar
Finched Cualgne Cruachan
Taichinem Conaire Mor Odras
Connac Hua Cuined Sidhe Falga
Sliabh Buane Magh Rath Congal Claen
Cluantarbh Murchadh Brian
Badb Dunbolg Aedh
Niall Brighid/Brigit Leinster
Aine Manannan Cathair Aine
Leanan Sidhe Oilioll Oluim River Maigh
Luimnech Magh Mucruimhe Craig Liath
Aoibhell Munster Dubhlaing ua Artigan
Meardha Connachta Lochlann
Muirthemne River Liffey Catháir the Great
Curragh Logaire Ailill Áne
Labraid Longsech Dinn Rig Cobthach the Slender
Lore Oengus of Róiriu Maistiu
Mug Airt Alenn Crimthan
Bresal Bree Elg Fiachra Fobree
Ferus Finn Roth
Sétna Carbre Niafer Fiachna
Fomuin Bregia Iuchna
Tadg Nuada Necht Feradach
Dunlang Fornochta Illan
Enna Cormac Carbre
Colman Brandub Faelan the Fair
Fianamail Braiin Conall

Feedback & Comments

We read a message from Bel and listen to voice feedback from Liz and Scarlet from the Lakefront Pagan Voice podcast (see below).



Kirins Kirins: The Spell of Noan

A race of tiny, magical beings lives on Earth today. They dwell in elaborate tree homes and mysterious underground sanctuaries. Because of an ancient dispute, however, humans are unaware of their hidden civilization.

They are kirins.

For thousands of years they lived in peace. But a deadly menace now threatens their existence. A party of daring explorers, led by the wise magician Speckarin, is sent on trained ravens to destroy an evil lurking a continent and an ocean away. Failure of this mission would mean death to the voyagers and the entire kirin race. But their success will depend on aid from a truly unexpected source, human beings.

Fly with these adventurers and witness today's world as it has never before been seen. You'll find yourself looking to the skies for this mystical race of beings, because maybe, just maybe . . .

You can access this Podiobook on podiobooks.com or James Priest's website.


Tribeways Tribeways: The ADF Podcast

Tribeways | The ADF Podcast is a selection of recordings broadcast each High Day featuring liturgy, essays, reviews, chants, poetry, music, workshops and celebrations from ADF members. Tribeways runs on submissions, so please see our submission guidelines to get involved!


Ár nDraíocht Féin


Lakefront Pagan Voice The Lakefront Pagan Voice

I’m Scarlet, an eclectic pagan living in Milwaukee, WI, next to beautiful Lake Michigan.  Join me for discussions on pagan topics and more.  Please feel free to contact me, my email is lakefrontpaganvoice@yahoo.com and you can find me on MySpace, FaceBook and PaganSpace.  Feedback feeds the soul and makes the podcasters world go round!



Special Thanks

For incidental music:

Armolithae, Endless Blue, Artanis, Before Midnight and Lost in the Green Sea from Artanis. See the Contributor page for details.

Evan, Peut Etre Part 3 from Rever... Peut-etre.. See the Contributor page for details.

Diane Arkenstone The Secret Garden. See the Contributor page for details.

Kim Robertson, Angels in Disguise, All or None . See the Contributor page for details.

Jigger Time Ticks Away. See the Contributor page for details.

For our Theme music:

The Skylark and Haghole, Culann's Hounds, http://www.sfhounds.com. See the Contributor page for details.







The Book of Leinster. l.7148-25.

"Hail Brigit": an Old-Irish poem on the Hill of Alenn. ed. and trans. Kuno Meyer. Halle a.S., M. Niemeyer, 1912.

And, of course, the Awen - inspiration and imagination!


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