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Episode 20 - The Insult of Finbarr

22th November 2008, 40m 16s, 37Mb

In this story, which is part 1 of a 2 part story, we hear about the coming of Manannan Mac Lir to to Tuatha De Danann and a maiden that cannot eat mortal food. We hear about an insult that has dire effects and the coming if the Christian God to the Ancient Celts.

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News & Views

The 30th November is St Andrew's Day and we talk about some of the traditional associations with the Scottish Saint. We also send good wishes to our American friends for Thanksgiving, which is in origin a Celtic festival.

The Insult of Finbarr

Names Used within the Tale (in order of occurrence)

For more information about the Characters below, see our Biographies section.

Finbarr Tuatha De Danaan Sons of Mil
Manannan Mac Lir Bodb Derg Sidhe Buidb
Lake Deggert Midir Sidhe Truim
Sidhemall Sidhe Neannta Finbarr Meadha
Sidhe Meadha Tadg Mor Nuada
Sidhe Druim Dean Abhartach Illathar
Sidhe Buidhe Fagartach Sidhe Finnabrach
Ilbreac Sidhe Aeda of Asseroe Lir
Lugaid Sidhe Finnachadh Derg Diansgothach
Sidhe Cleitidh Feth Fiadha Feast of Goban
Sidhe Brugh Emain Ablach Erin
Ealcmar Cairbre Cromfill Sigma
Cairbre Cromm Aengus Og Dagda
Dichu Roc Eachdond Mor
Abartach Sidhmall Siteach Cruitin na Cuan
Sidhe Curcog Eithne
Munster Cnoc Medha Eremon
Laegaire Niall Noigiallach Tailginn

Feedback & Comments

We read messages from listener Nick and listener Steve.


Druidic Dawn Druidic Dawn

Druidic Dawn is non-affiliated to any Druid Association, Group, Order or Individual. It will be seeking an independent non-profit status in the near future. Overall it’s working towards becoming a social enterprise for the Global Druid Community. It is a balance, between a non-profit business model and Druidic working. The visible elements presented here are celebrating the diversity of its many Druidic Paths.


The Fox Cover The Fox

The Fox is a historical novel that contains adventure, ancient Celtic beliefs, sacrifice, love of family, ancient and modern culture, and divorce. Have you ever wondered who your ancestors were? How did they live? How did they die? Most of us do.

Genealogy is a huge business. Curiosity about our bloodlines, our past, makes us want to go back as far as possible. But, genealogy can only go back as far as there are written records. What if you had a chance to find a connection to ancient roots? To someone who lived two thousand years ago? Proof you could touch and hold in your hand? 

Aine Macrea has that chance. She is the archaeologist who is on the search for a vision. Jahna has come to her and lead her to discoveries.


In The Fox, you will follow the lives of Jahna and Lovern, two people who lived in what is now Scotland, during the time of the invading Romans. The Romans threatened Jahna and Lovern, their clan and most importantly, the life of their child. They struggled to find a way to stop the coming invasion and in doing so, left traces of their lives.

Aine is working to rebuild her career and is led by instinct, or a vision (or is it a ghost?) to a hilltop in Scotland.

Follow their stories in my podcast novel The Fox, you can also buy this book at Amazon.

Special Thanks

For voice acting:


Edward, our son, as Aengus Mac Og
Morgan, our son, as Ealcmar



For incidental music:

Armolithae, Endless Blue from Artanis. Jamendo. See the Contributor Page for details.

The Noizemakerz, Grid83 Conspiracy Podsafe Audio

eNoz, Transfiguration remix, Nuits de glace, Par une longue apres-midi d'attente from Nuits de Glace. See the Contributor page for details.

Adragante, Les cordes de l'ame from les cordes de l'âme. See the Contributor page for details.

Diane Arkenstone The Secret Garden. See the Contributor page for details.

Kim Robertson, Angels in Disguise, All or None . See the Contributor page for details.

Jigger Time Ticks Away. See the Contributor page for details.

For our Theme music:

The Skylark and Haghole, Culann's Hounds, http://www.sfhounds.com. See the Contributor page for details.




http://www.isleofman.com/Home/Community/ePedia/Arts/Mythology /Mythology/Manannan.aspx





And, of course, the Awen - inspiration and imagination!


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