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Episode 15 - The Wooing of Etain

30th August 2008, 29m 38s, 27.2Mb

Set in the time of the Kingship of the great Dagda, this tale tells the story of the birth of Aengus Mac Og and how his foster-father, Midir, fell in love with the most beautiful woman in all Erin.

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The Wooing of Etain

Names Used within the Tale (in order of occurrence)

For more information about the Characters below, see our Biographies section.

Etain Tuatha De Danaan Erin
Eochaid Ollathair Dagda Brugh na Boyne
Ethne Boann Boyne
Elcmar Bres Elatha
Magh nInis Aengus Mac Og Midir
Bri Leith Tethba Triath
Febal Fir Bolg Uisnech
Midhe Samhain Cnoc Sidhe
Borga Cleitech Dian Cecht
Ulaid Ailill Etain Echraide
Magh Macha Magh Lemna Magh nItha
Magh Tochair Magh nDula Magh Techt
Magh Li Magh Line Magh Murthemne
Find Modornn Slena
Nas Amnas Oichen
Or Banda Samair
Loche Fuamnach Bethach
Iardanel Bresal Danaan
Lugh Ogma Bresal Etarlam
Etar Inber Cichmaine Conchobar
Aenach Bodbgna    

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