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Irish Mythological Cycle Shownotes

This list shows which shows all of the showsnotes for the shows in the Irish Mytrhological Cycle. They have been listed in the order they should be listened to.

Episode 001 - Gods in the Mist
Episode 002 - Let Battle Commence!
Episode 003 - The Rule of Bres the Beautiful
Episode 004 - The Coming of Lugh
Episode 005 - Girding the Loins for Battle
Episode 006 - What Price Treachery?
Episode 007 - Uneasy Rests the Crown
Episode 008 - The Long Hand of Lugh
Episode 009 - Let Fly the Crows of Battle
Episode 010 - The Harp's Voice Unleashed
Episode 011 - The Wind of Change
Episode 012 - The Song of Amergin
Episode 013 - The Wings of Tragedy
Episode 014 - The Children of Lir
Episode 015 - The Wooing of Etain
Episode 016 - Tuan the Immortal
Episode 017 - Tales of the Dagda
Episode 018 - The Judgement of Fintan
Episode 019 - The Hawk of Achill
Episode 020 - The Insult of Finbarr
Episode 021 - Fostered by Milk Pails
Episode 022 - On Frozen Wings
Episode 023 - Gifts of the Gods
Episode 024 - The Red Man of All Knowledge
Episode 025 - The Many Lives of Aengus Og
Episode 026 - Blood And Fire
Episode 027 - The Raggedy Man
Episode 028 - The Realm of the Ever-Living
Episode 029 - There and Back Again
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