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"'Bringing the Tales and Stories of the Ancient Celts to Your Fireside,' is what the banner reads. The blog is the Celtic Myth Podshow, which I just discovered and wish I'd found sooner ..."

Vickey Hall, A Lot of Gaul


"'I Forgot' - This was the very first of my stories that was told on a podshow. Gary and Ruth of the Celtic Myth Podshow did an amazing job of performing it. I am thrilled to be able to do this slide show of storytelling and let you enjoy their wonderful performance once more. Hugs and Sparkles."

The Witchy Godmother, Youtube


"The Celtic Myth Podshow was created in early 2008 by British podcasting duo Ruth Smith and Gary Colcombe. The show began as a way for the two to deepen their own understanding of Celtic myths while at the same time making the stories available to listeners worldwide. Their fan base has since grown exponentially. The episodes, delivered roughly twice per month, have worked through most of the Irish mythological cycles, as well as folklore from other Celtic countries. Smith and Colcombe retell the stories as they were meant to be: out loud. The tales on the Celtic Myth Podshow are delivered with poetic gusto, using a full range of character voices, sound effects, and musical accompaniment. It brings back another lost, if more recent, art form: the radio drama.

"Besides the myths, which form the body of the podcast, the program also includes modern Celtic-themed stories by contemporary authors, as well as music and news headlines that will appeal to listeners interested in all things Celtic, Norse, Arthurian and fantasy/faerie-related."

Sam Gillogly, The Examiner


"I've been enjoying The Celtic Myth Podshow. Gary and Ruth re-enact Celtic Irish, Welsh and Scottish heroic tales. I find them compelling because these tales would have been told aurally originally, and they're fun. I'm working on a post of illuminated pages, but it's taking a while."

Shelley, Medieval Illumination


"The Celtic Myth Podshow is more than just a podcast. Take look at the blog and discover that the makers of CMP are heavily involved in anything related to the heritage of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, Brittany and ancient Britons in general. Around the website, the forum and the blog, a community has developed contributing to this ever-growing wealth of material.

"The community aspect is one of the strongest points in the podcast and as a matter of fact it is something that works well in any other podcast. Hosts Gary and Ruth create exactly that kind of comfortable, homey atmosphere you need to be drawn in. The point I am getting at is that you will need that, it takes some stamina to take in the core of the show. The larger part of the show is dedicated to the team's very lively reading of the old Celtic myths and legendary tales. This comes with trained voices, well acted play and careful sound mixing."

Anne is a Man, Podcast Reviews


"The shows are hosted by Gary and Ruth, and I have to admit I find their voices quite soothing and this lends atmosphere when they are telling the tales. I have yet to read most of the stories they relate for myself; but I am enjoying what has been produced by this couple from Southern England so far. Each episode is just over 20 minutes long, and the tales are told so that they can be enjoyed fireside, with music and sound effects to add to the atmosphere and notes are published for each episode, allowing the listener to keep track of goings on. The site is marked “child friendly” so they could be listened to by the whole family. Personally, I think they would be ideal to upload onto an iPod to by a camp fire."

Bwitch, Letters from a Briton, Blog


"The Celtic Myth Podshow is a wonderful place to while away time, listening to dramatic readings (with music!) of Celtic Myths..."

Endicott Redux, Journal of Mythic Arts


"They are wonderful people and harbour a wealth of traditional celtic folk material that you may listen to, for free! I guarantee you'll fall in love with the magic of the Celtic landscape and imagination through the bardic mediums Gary and Ruth."

Justin Russel, Artist, Epic Werkes


"There is a this very neat podshow I ran across because of Twitter. Check it out. I love this show. Can’t get enough of it. Gary and Ruth are doing a fantastic job of sharing the ancient Celtic Myths with all of us. Thanks to you both for doing this. Love it!"

Life First, Got Insight, Blog


"For the Samhain, 2008, part two episode, a section of The House of Pendragon by IWG author Debra Kemp was read. Upon hearing the broadcast Debra said, "The entire show is wonderful.  Lovely music!  But one part in particular, starting at around the 7 minute mark particularly made me cry.  What a moment to hear my characters brought to life and hear Dafydd's name pronounced correctly!"

Indy Writers Group


"A chapter from my novel "Fires of Belenus" was selected and read on the British internet program the "Celtic Myth Pod Show". The show is done live from, Eastbourne by the Sea. The reading is done by Gary Colcombe, moderator of the show. Gary is known for bringing Celtic tales and myths to your fireside in the finest bardic tradition. As story tellers go, there is none better.

"The story appears in Summer Special part II and it is the second feature in the program. The narration has been enhanced with sound effects and music, a truly professional job."

William Russeth, The Fires of Belenus, Wings ePress


"My two poems, Fire of the Gaels and Mise Eire are featured in the special episode on the Celtic Myth Podshow beautifully read by Gary and Ruth who have brought the myths of the celts alive with feeds and resources. Its such a pleasure to sit back and relax, to listen to the music, stories and learn about the celts and their saga's.

"The show notes and contributors lists can be found on the Celtic Myths Podshow pages, subscribe; you won't be disappointed. It has been a passion of mine to learn of the Celts and their stories from all over the globe and I am learning all the time, blessings and thank you to Gary and Ruth"

Aine Macaodha, Poet, Good Reads


Story telling has been with us since the beginning of communication and our learning to live together. Many tales have survived unraveling time because of the few who took it upon themselves to keep our history alive.

I have two friends who are storytellers, keepers of history, bards of today. They have worked hard at researching and retelling the myths that have been passed down from firepit to firepit in our past.

A recording done by them, is a truly a theater production. It is worthy of all the praise any radio or podcast show has ever gotten. It is professional. And you can tell they love what they are doing.


The Celtic Myth Podcast is the name of the show and my friends are Gary Colcombe and Ruth Smith. I recommend them to all who revere the tales of our ancestors. We all need to listen and learn what has given us our moral values and understandings of our roots through the myths. And through this show, it is pleasurable.

They took a portion of my book, THE FOX and turned it into a play.


Episode SP11 - Beltane 2009 is where you will find "THE FOX"

and Special Episode 12 - Midsummer 2009 is where you find a chapter of Rhonda Carpenter's "The Mark of a Druid".

I have listened to all the episodes (you can subscribe through iTunes if you wish) and have enjoyed them. There is music that makes your feet dance, poetry that makes you laugh and cry and fireside chats with other storytellers. All will leave you feeling like you just joined a circle of friends for a good evening of tales.

Gary and Ruth did the voice over for the book trailer for THE FOX.
That, and Steve McDonald's music is why it sounds so good!

Please join them and enjoy.

Arlene Radasky, Author of The Fox, The Fox Facebook Group


You will never know how you have honored my writing. Truly, you are the bards of the 21 century. My gratitude can not be expressed in word. You took my work and breathed life into it. It was so powerful portrayed I sat at my desk goose bumps ravaging my skin, sobbing like a child, while my husband held a tissue to his eyes. (I'm not sure if he was crying or making fun of me.)

The forethought and planning, the time and energy, the sure magnitude of what the two of you bring to the world is beyond measure. I am so honored and proud to know you and be able to share your work with the world.

I honestly believe The Celtic Myth Podshow will inspire a new generations of story tellers who will carry on the song of the Celtic people. I know each episode takes me to the ancient times and sparks new ideas for story!

Thank you is not enough!

Rhonda R Carpenter, Author of Mark of a Druid, Facebook


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