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Current Status :   October 2016 ... Website has now moved to a better, faster server! ... We're still preparing the new season of shows :) ... Gary & Ruthie xxxx

Other Podcasts We Enjoy

Irish fireside
Liam & Corey
Liam & Corey

Irish Fireside

Welcome to the Irish Fireside. They created the site for anyone dreaming about Ireland. So sit back, relax, and explore as we share our insight into the Emerald Isle’s destinations, culture, and items of interest to the Irish diaspora.

The Irish Fireside Podcast consistently ranks among iTunes TOP 100 Travel Podcasts, was named Best Blog of the Diaspora by Blog Awards Ireland, and it has been nominated for Best Podcast by the Irish Web Awards,  Best Travel Podcast at www.PodcastAwards.com, and endorsed by the Indie Travel Podcast. The blog has been recognized by Lonely Planet, Go Overseas, and was nominated for multiple Irish Blog Awards.

In 2012, the Irish Fireside united over a dozen bloggers and Ireland enthusiasts to create the Ireland Travel Kit, a website and smartphone app designed to highlight Ireland’s offbeat and unique locations.


Bo on the Go Podshow

Bo on the Go Podshow

Hitch-hiking his way through the spiritual realm, Bo talks to practitioners from many different sacred and magical paths so that you don't have to. Great show thyat you can find on the Bo on the Go website.


Standing Stone & Garden Gate

Standing Stone & Garden Gate

This occasional show is co-hosted by Brenda Myers and Juniper. Brendan is a superb and stimulating author of books about Druidry and Pagan Morality and Ethics and Juniper is a Hedge Witch with a superb blog of her own. Since we recorded the show, his latest book - The Earth, The Gods and the Soul - is now available from Amazon.

They have segments for the Bardic Arts, Pagan Philosophy, reviews, rants, Dr. Expert and all sortsa of stuff. A super podcast to catch up on!


The Wigglian Way

The Wigglian Way, A pagan podcast with plenty of informal discussion and information about paganism and witchcraft. Hosted by Mojo and Sparrow. They also have some great music.


Classical Mythology Podcast

Classical Mythology Podcast. With this series they will investigate the gods, heroes, and myths that formed bedrock of belief in the ancient Greek and Roman world. Whether you are interested in a certain divinity or a particular story, this podcast is a must for all students of mythology. Part of the Learn Out Loud series of podcasts.


Christiana's Shallow Thoughts

Christiana's Shallow Thoughts, Christiana Ellis' surreal, daily thoughts on many subjects.



The Scotchcast

We are just three guys who like drinking scotch, finding the products from distilleries we haven’t experienced before, and deciding what we like. That is exactly what we will tell you during the show, what we like and what we don’t. In all likelihood, we won’t always agree on the things we try, either. So that you, the listener, can have some fun too, we will tell you at the end of each show what we will be tasting the next time. That way, you can taste along with us, hear what we think, and decide for yourself if you agree or disagree.


The Dark Side of Fey

The Dark Side of Fey promises to be a lighthearted & informative pagan podcast. Recorded in Southern Ontario, the podcast will provide information on events happening in Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, London & Toronto, as well as discussions on various topics of interest to the modern pagan.

Find out more about the Darkly Fey on her Website.



Dave Jackson

School Of Podcasting Morning Announcements is the superb podcast that goes with Dave's School of Podcasting. I must admit I have been following this for quite a while now. Dave says:

If you are looking to start a church podcast to reach a global audience, a business podcast looking to qualify leads, a school looking to boost education through podcasting, an entrepreneur looking to get more sales, I’ve helped them all start and launch successful podcasts.

Check out the School of Podcasting


The Geek Witch Podcast

withTahlea Moonwater

Tahlea Moonwater is a 21 year old Wiccan who has identified as Pagan for 9-10 years, and been actively studying and practising Wicca for 5-6 years. Tahlea identifies her personal path as “Solitary Eclectic Wicca”. She indulges in the study of Wicca and Witchcraft, as well as other Occult topics.

Whilst mostly being a solitary practitioner and focusing with community online, Tahlea has been increasingly involved with her local Pagan community, starting up her own networking site for Pagans in Tasmania, as well as joining the Tasmanian Pagan Alliance, Inc. and becoming quite involved with the organisation through revamping their website, attending two moots per month, and the submission of a regular ‘Internet Interest’ column to the TPA’s quarterly newsletter. Additionally, she is the Australian Columnist at The Pagan Activist.


Tommy Elf

From The Edge of The Circle's Tommy Elf describes his podcast as: "One pagan waxing eloquently (well, sometimes) about various topics of a pagan nature. Come walk on the edge of the circle with me."

We recommend Episode 16 for its discussion of mythology in our everyday lives. Episode 16 can still be downloaded from his feed in iTunes but not, I think, for his website


The Infinite & the Beyond The Infinite & the Beyond

Based in Southern New Jersey, The Infinite and the Beyond is an esoteric podcast for the introspective pagan mind. Join us as we explore a variety of topics that relate to life and one's unique spiritual journey. Topics focus on paganism, occultism, parapsychology, science, society, and culture in the 21st century.

You can hear the full podcasts at: http://infinitebeyond.libsyn.com/ or subscribe through your podcatcher, or through iTunes.


Lakefront Pagan Voice The Lakefront Pagan Voice

I’m Scarlet, an eclectic pagan living in Milwaukee, WI, next to beautiful Lake Michigan.  Join me for discussions on pagan topics and more.  Please feel free to contact me, my email is lakefrontpaganvoice@yahoo.com and you can find me on MySpace, FaceBook and PaganSpace.  Feedback feeds the soul and makes the podcasters world go round!



Podcasting for Dummies

Podcasting for Dummies

Podcasting is like blogging out loud! It gives you a voice—one that can be heard worldwide on computers, iPods, or other MP3 players. You can podcast to boost your business, promote your passion, share your opinions, or just have fun. The point is to say what you want to say to those who want to hear it. With step-by-step explanations, screen shots, and tons of examples, this guide clues you in on recording, producing, and hosting your very own podcast.

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