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Irish Language Learning Resources

The Gaelic language is divided into two distinct varieties: Irish Gaelic and Scottish Gaelic. Irish Gaelic is more commonly just called "Irish". It is a Celtic language that is part of the Indo-European language family.

Written Irish was based at first on Latin orthography and British pronunciation, which makes ancient texts difficult to decipher. Viking invasions in 8th century Ireland left their mark on Irish vocabulary by introducing Scandinavian words that refer to navigation and urban life.

Easy Irish

Easy Irish

Make Learning Irish easy with this fun and informative online course perfect for all the family.

BYKI Irish Word every Day

BYKI (Before You Know It)

They do 2 software packages for helping to learn the language along with a special Word of the Day email (and web plugin - see below). Most importantly they do a free trial download of their software for you to try out.

BYKI (Before You Know It)

BYKI Word of the Day

Pop over and see what the word is for today.

Standing Stones Irish Pronounciation

Standing Stones

Excellent guide to pronounciation of the Irish Alphabet

Irish Sayings

Many popular phrases split into the three dialects of Irish (Ulster, Connacht, and Munster) so you can see some of the differences.

BBC Northern Ireland's Blas  

Beginner's Blas

Whether you're a beginner or a more advanced Irish speaker, this site promises something for everyone.

Giota Beag

Fearghal Mag Uiginn provides you with the basics of the lrish language in a fifteen week course, previously broadcast each Wednesday evening towards the end of Blas.

Giota Beag Eile

If you would like to further your knowledge of Irish and build on what you learned in Giota Beag then join Fearghal Mag Uiginn for our second learners series Giota Beag Eile (another wee bit).


Líofa, "fluency",is an Irish Language learning site with two Líofa learning resources available to learners of Irish. When you sign up to Líofa you are entitled to a year's free subscription to a Beginners Level Course valued at £120 with Ranganna.com. Líofa will contact you in due course with your log-in details after you have signed up to the Líofa challenge. Now You're Talking (free) is available to you immediately to get you started on your Líofa journey.

Philo-Celtic Society

We are The Philo-Celtic Society. 'Philo-Celtic' means "love of the Irish language." Mícheál Ó Lócháin started our activities with Irish language classes in Brooklyn in 1872 and our magazine "An Gaodhal" in 1881, and in that way he founded the Irish Language movement in America.

Philo's Little Helper

Explanatory notes for the Cumann Carad na Gaeilge podcast.


Pronounce Irish 4 Beginners

An Gael Magazine's advice and easy tuition on how to pronounce Irish.

Placenames in Irish

A number of common placename elements can be interpreted easily and usually accurately and are a starting point to understanding the meanings.


Ranganna.com is a user-friendly and comprehensive e-learning website that lets you learn authentic, every-day Irish independently and at your own pace. In short, it is the best place to learn Irish online.

Podcasting in Irish

Blas Irish Language Magazine

The very best of our Irish Language show, BLAS, featuring current events, sport, folk & traditional music, history and special features. Presented by Lynette Fay, Tomaí Ó Conghaile and Brian Mullen, Blas can be heard at 7pm, Monday to Friday, on BBC Radio Ulster.

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Ceist, Ceol, agus Cupla Focal

Join our erudite host, Ken Day, each week for podcasts exploring Irish history and culture, celtic music, and the Irish language.

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Greann - Podcasting in Irish

Welcome to Greann.com! "Greann" means "fun" in Irish, and we hope to make learning Irish fun for you! "Greann" is simply pronounced "grahn".

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An tImeall

An audio blog in the Irish Language.

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An Líonra Sóisialta

An innovative syndicated series of educational radio programmes in the Irish language which will be launched on up to 10 Irish radio stations on 25th September. 

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An Saol

You need not phrase the Irish language, simply speak it. (Currently offline)

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Cumann Carad na Gaeilge

Agallaimh agus caint as Gaeilge. Interviews and talk in Irish.

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One Minute Irish

Dia duit! Is mise Eoin - my name is Eoin and welcome to One Minute Irish. In this podcast I’m going to be teaching you Gaeilge, the Irish language. The great thing about this language course is that you’ll be learning all you need to know in 60 seconds! Yes, each one-minute language lesson will equip you with just enough Irish to help you get by in lots of situations either on holiday or on a business trip to Ireland, or just to impress your Irish-speaking friends and colleagues.

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