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Cornish Language Learning Resources

The ancient Celtic language of Cornwall was reportedly last spoken by Dolly Pentreath of Mousehole who died in 1777. There is also however, a tombstone at Zennor churchyard to John Davey of Boswednack (1812-1891), 'the last to possess any traditional considerable knowledge of the Cornish Language'.

The revival of Cornish began in 1904 when Henry Jenner, a Celtic language enthusiast, published his book Handbook of the Cornish Language. His work was based on Cornish as it was spoken in the 18th century, although his pupil Robert Morton Nance later steered the revival more to the style of the 16th century, before the language became influenced by English. This set the tone for the next few decades; as the revival gained pace, learners of the language disagreed on which style of Cornish to use, and a number of competing orthographies were in use by the end of the century.

Cornish Language Partnership

You can hear how Cornish sounds, catch up on the weekly news in Cornish, listen to music, download podcasts, watch clips from Cornish films and play a selection of interactive games in Cornish.

Blas Kernewek

A Taste of Cornish from the BBC. Try BBC Cornwall’s easy course of simple Cornish phrases. There are twelve easy to follow lessons which take you through everyday situations.

Agan Tavas (Our Language)

Society for the Protection and Promotion of the Cornish Language. They have an assortment of Language Learning materials vailable to buy.


Handbook of the Cornish Language

A Project Gutenburg eBook. This book is principally intended for those persons of Cornish nationality who wish to acquire some knowledge of their ancient tongue, and to read, write, and perhaps even to speak it.

Cornish Software Links

This is the website of Treylyansow, the Cornish software localisation project. If you want to help us, have any questions or would like us to translate your software, please contact us at treylyansow@kernewegva.com. A glossary of common GUI and computer related terms which we have used in previous translations can be downloaded above.

Cornish Language Fellowship

A Charity whose aim is to give an information source for people who do not speak the language to find out more, but to also provide Cornish speakers and students with online tools and a community centre.

Gorseth Kernow

The Gorseth of the Bards of Cornwall exists to maintain the national Celtic spirit of Cornwall and they maintain their site in both Cornish and English.

A dictionary of the ancient Celtic language of Cornwall

The full text is available on the Internet Archive.

Cornish English Dictionary

An online, searchable Dictionary.

Podcasting in Cornish


A podcast in the Cornish language by Matthew Clarke.

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Radyo an Norvys

Not available in the UK.



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