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Current Status :   October 2016 ... Website has now moved to a better, faster server! ... We're still preparing the new season of shows :) ... Gary & Ruthie xxxx


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Aurochs_by_Dave_Bennett Avebury_Aerial_View Avebury_Bird_s_Eye_View Avebury_Entrance Avebury_monuments_reconstruction_by_Jane_Brayne Avebury_reconstruction_by_Alan_Sorrell
Avebury_Reconstruction_by_Judith_Dobie Barber_s_Stone Barrow_by_Jane_Brayne Broken_antler_pick__Silbury Broken_scapula_from_Silbury_Hill_2007 Cross_section_of_Avebury_ditch
Finds_from_Silbury_Hill__2007 Flint_from_Silbury_Hill_2007 Helicopter_lowering_chalk__Silbury_2007 Plan_of_Avebury_Henge Polished_Stone_Axe Ritual_at_the_Cove_by_Judith_Dobie
Ritual_at_West_Kennet_Long_Barrow_by_Judith_Dobie Side_Shot_Silbury_Hill Silbury_Hill Silbury_Hill_reconstruction_by_Judith_Dobie Silmoss_under_microscope Stones_at_Avebury_Henge
The_Sanctuary Transporting_the_stones_by_Judith_Dobie West_Kennet_Avenue West_Kennet_Long_Barrow West_Kennet_Long_Barrow__isometric West_Kennet_Long_Barrow_Burial_Deposits
West_Kennet_Long_Barrow_Skeleton Windmill_Hill_Pots_by_Judith_Dobie Windmill_Hill_reconstruction_by_Judith_Dobie      

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