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Poet Donn

Don describes himself as the Angry Druid Bard, Poet Donn and has sent us this powerful poem as well as a photograph of himself.

Poet Donn


Earth Mother

I love Earth Mother, so damn much
Sustaining our needs, we feel her touch
Amazing she still cares, for men
When not so nice, is how we've been
Respect her like, our very own mother
Protect her from, industries unholy brother
Chemicals unleashed in air, and on the lands
Undoing the Mother, with our very own hands
We must do our part, even thee elite
To avoid another, cleansing repeat
Elite own industries, and most of the lands
Already showing, it can't be left in their hands
Taking such measures, de-amed revolution
Yet we must do something, to stop pollution
If not us, then Earth Mother surely will
Then we'll all be sorry, we just stood still.





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