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Links to Other Sites in the Celtic Community

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This section contains many links to sites that may be of use to you. If you know of a site in the Celtic Community that we can list here as a service to our listeners and readers, drop us a line to garyandruth@celticmythpodshow.com with Celtic/Fey Link in the subject line and we'll add it. We use the terms Celtic and Fey almost interchangeably in these categories as they are, in our minds, inextricably linked. :)

If you buy anything from any of these links, would you mind mentioning that we referred you? It might help us in the future.. Thank you :)

When you come to this page, one category will be opened at random. As you hover your cursor over other categories, they will highlight in white (white). Please click on that category heading to see the links inside. Thank you :)

Ancient Wisdom

Online Prehistoric Resource Centre

As Manx as the Hills

A journey into Isle of Man Folklore and History.

Gundestrup Cauldron

Detailed of the plates forming the cauldron

Pretannic World

A very good artistic presentation

Voices from the Dawn

The folklore of Ireland's Ancient Monuments

Who were the Celts?

Short overview of Celtic History


The place to start for an overview

As Manx as the Hills

A journey into Isle of Man Folklore and History.

Beliefs & Legends of Celtic Mythology

A nice introduction on the Celtic Wedding Rings site

Celtic Literature Collective

Mary Jones' excellent work on collation of original and source texts.

Celtic Myths

Well illustrated overview.

God & Goddess of Ancient Mythology

Celtic links found at the bottom of the page. Thanks to 7th Grader, Abby for this link :)

Myths & Legends of the Celtic Race

Tom Rolleston's superb book.

Sacred Texts

Superb collection of recent works

Timeless Myths

A great site with excellent genealogical trees


The place to start for an overview

Brian Froud

Classic Faerie Art

Eric Klinert

Celtic Sculptures

Hannah Lee

Sensual Elemental Artist

Dawn Obrecht

Asian Geisha Fae, and Faeries with attitude

Amie Reavis

Goddess and Fey Art

Esther Remmington

Faery and Fantasy Artist

Justin Russell

Faery and Fantasy Artist

Taryn Shrigley

Celtic Myth & Fey Artist

Catherine McManus

Mythic, Fey and Fantasy Art

Patrick Turner

Myth, Fantasy and Floral Art

Jodi Whitby

Fey and Nature Artist

Will Worthington

Celtic, Fey & Tarot Artist

An Comunn Gaidhealach

Promoting Gaelic in Scotland

Battle Museum of Local History

Covers Neolithic, Celtic & Roman studies

Beltane Fire Society

Re-establishing links between the festivals and modern life.

Celtic Harmony

Celtic Harmony Camp is an Iron Age education centre.

The Clanranald Trust

Building a replica 12th Century Fortification

Cornish Language Fellowship

Promoting the Cornish Language

New World Celts

Promoting the Celts in the New World

Old Cornwall

Federation of Old Cornwall Societies

The Royal Celtic Society

Maintain & promote interest in Celtic culture

Miranda Aldhouse-Green

Archaeologist, Celtic Scholar

Peter Beresford-Ellis

Celtic Scholar and Historian

Philip Carr-Gomm

Druid Author, Chosen Chief of OBOD

Frank Delaney

Non-fiction & Fiction about the Celts & Ireland

Ronald Hutton

Historian and Druid/Pagan/Folklore Specialist

Caitlin & John Matthews

Hallowquest, Celtic & Arthurian mysteries

Emma Restall-Orr

Druid author, co-founder of the BDO.

Philip Shallcrass

Druid author, co-founder of the BDO.

Patrick Brown

Cattle Raid of Cooley Webcomic

Rhonda R Carpenter

The Mark of a Druid

Debbie Edwards

Children's Fairy Novelist

Wendy Gillisen

Curse of the Tahiéra, Fey adventure

Kelly Heckart

Celtic Romance

Stephen Lawhead

Mythic, Celtic & Arthurian fiction

Morgan Llywelyn

Celtic, Irish and Historical novels

Willie Meikle

Scottish Horror author

Simon Mitchell

Secrets of the Valley

Oghme Comics

Fantastic series of comics based on Celtic Myth

Arlene Radasky

The Fox

Christine & Ethan Rose

Rowan of the Wood, Witch on the Water

William Russeth

The Fire of Belenus

British Druid Order

Home of the BDO forum.

Druidic Dawn

Social enterprise and resource for Celtic peoples.

Druidic Sustainability Resources

List of eco-friendly supplies and suppliers

The Druid's Head Pub

Home of the OBOD forum


International association of fairy believers tobring back harmony to the Earth

The Fluid Druid's Web Portal

Super blog and Forums

The Genesis Order of Druids

Based in Portsmouth, they organise some wonderful Open events.

Mise Eire

Mise Eire - I Am Ireland, Irish Community

My Faery Space

A space for the Fae to play

New Order of Druids

A joint English and Dutch Druid Order

Real Alternative Ancient Celts

Links Resource for all things Celtic

The Celtic Guide

Covering all things in Celtic Culture

FAE Magazine

Faeries and Enchantment Magazine

Magical Times

Fairy, Magic and Festival News

Pentacle Magazine

Fairy, Magic and Pagan News

Alienskin Clothing

Fairy, Gothic and Cyber Clothing

Available Light Art

Lovely sculptures of Celtic deities

Brother Smith Swords

Beautiful, Functional Arms and Armour

The Celts and Vikings Store

Beautiful historic jewelry, weapons and clothing

The Crafty Celts

Historically-inspired Jewelery

The Faery Gift Shop

Beautiful and inspiring Faery gifts

The Faery Line

All sorts of beautiful Faery things

The Irish Store

Luxury Irish Brands & Handcrafted Irish Gifts

The Jelling Dragon

Viking Crafts Store

Killyliss Studio

Quality hand crafted Irish gifts

Kilts 'n' Stuff

Kilts, Tartans and much, much more

My Jewelry Box

Symbolism of Celtic Jewelry

Real Alternative Celtic Gifts

Links Resource to Celtic Inspired Gifts

XenaJo Creations

Mythic leather crafting

Zizzyfay Clothing

Faery & Goddess wear

Celtic Camera

Modern Celtic music photography

Celtic Twist

Celtic music..with a twist!

Culann's Hounds

Foot-stomping band that created our theme music.

Damh the Bard

Mythic Folk music


Celtic Music Internet Radio...with a twist.


Keltoria, new age band supporting Tara, and us

The Sandcarvers

Celtic rock band with troubassoonian tendencies.

SJ Tucker

Celtic, blues, rock, folk with a good dash of story-telling.

Spiral Dance

Pagan folk/rock band.

Celtic Myth Podshow

Us! Found on this site! :)


OBOD's podcast hosted by Damh the Bard.

Druidic Craft of the Wise

Lectures on witchcraft and spiritual development.

Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

Marc Gunn's Classic music podcast.

New Order of Druids

Remembering ancient ways and the ancestors.

Njal's Saga

A podcast of the Viking Classic, Njal's Saga


n Asatru podcast for and about tyhe Asatru community.


Celtic story-telling

Society of Celtic Shamans

Remembering ancient ways and the ancestors.

Spoken Lore

Readings from the Viking Eddas.


The podcast of ADF (Druid Organisation)

Wyldwood Radio

Streaming Internet radio with music, chat and special guest shows.


Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship.

Anderida Gorsedd

Druid group with open rituals


Ancient Order of Druids in America

The British Druid Order

Rekindling the sacred fire of Druidry (UK)

The Druid Network

The modern Druid tradition (Int.)

Ireland's Druidschool

Celtic Druids of Ireland

New Order of Druids

The New Order of Druids.


Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.

3 Wishes Fairy Fest

Fairy Balls and Festivals (UK)

Faerieworlds Festival

Fairy music and events (US, Oregon)

Goddess Festivals

Fairy and Goddess festivals (UK)

Magical Faerie Festival

3 Day Faerie Festival (UK)

Milwaukee Irish Fest

Promote and Celebrate All Aspects of Irish Culture, and to Instill in Future Generations an Appreciation of Irish Heritage (US, Milwaukee)

OOTE Festival

Out of the Ordinary Festival (UK)

Andrew Lang

Andrew Lang's Fairy Books - Traditional fairy tales

The ELFEN Project

Home site for the Elemental Life Form Encounters in Nature project

Fae Nation

Fairy news and information

The Fern Law of Faery

Fairy Law and Lore

Sur La Lune Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales and Illustrations

Alan Riddick

Alan, the Toastmaster in his red tailcoat - a unique English tradition.

The Folklore Society

Studies all aspects of folklore and tradition

Jacqueline Simpson

UK's foremost Folklore expert

Voices from the Dawn

The folklore of Ireland's Ancient Monuments

Walk With Trees

Jonathon Huet offers woodcraft courses, story-telling and much more!




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