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Current Status :   October 2016 ... Website has now moved to a better, faster server! ... We're still preparing the new season of shows :) ... Gary & Ruthie xxxx
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Deprogrammed Radio

Deprogrammed Radio

"Deprogrammed Radio - 24/7 the alternative web radio station

"Deprogrammed Radio is the 24/7 web radio station covering Science, Suppressed Science, Alternative Geopolitics, History, Alternate History, UFOs, Exopolitics and Esoterica. The best in alternative webradio!"

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IRFT Celtic Music ... With a Twist


"We are a web based radio station that started in January of 2007 in an effort to promote musicians that specialized in Celtic based music. It is our goal to become THE source for Celtic music on the internet. We feature the traditional to the pop, as well as rock and folk. Everything from the earliest recordings to the most modern releases. Our goal is to place the music of the 7 celtic nations back on the map for all to hear!"

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Strteam with Winamp Stream with Windows Media Stream with Real Audio Stream on iTunes



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In our podcast directory, you can freely access a variety of educational content from over 5000 podcasts from different podcast channels, including a range of audio, enhanced and video channels to illustrate examples of "educational podcasting" to support effective teaching and learning in schools, colleges and universities.

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Learn Out Loud

Learn Out Loud

When we started LearnOutLoud.com back in 2005 our goal was to showcase the best audio & video learning content on the Web, and our mission hasn't changed much.

Since then we have grown alongside the vast expansion of audio & video learning on the Internet with the rising popularity of audio book downloads, podcasts, YouTube, free colleges courses, and many other great resources that have become available. We want LearnOutLoud.com to be your primary destination for audio & video learning on the Web.

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Stitcher Radio

Stitcher Radio

Listen to over 20,000+ radio shows and podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, Android or PC -anytime, anywhere

Get the freshest episodes of your favorite podcasts and radio shows streamed directly to your smartphone or iPad - no downloading or syncing. From NPR's Fresh Air to Adam Carolla, WNYC's Radiolab to the Wall Street Journal, Rush Limbaugh to Rachel Maddow and more, Stitcher organizes and delivers the world of talk radio fresh daily. Listen whenever and wherever you want.

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Education Authoriies

Schleswig-Holstein Education Department
     Belgian Education Dept.
Department of Education, Training and Employment,
Ministry of the German-speaking Community

Education authorities that host our show on their own servers to help Students studying both the English Language and Celtic Studies.


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