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Celtic Community Contributors to the Show

This section contains more detail about those Musicians that have contributed some of their work to the show. Each musician will have his or her own page to describe their contribution to the Show and their work. If you find a mistake or an update that needs to be made, please send an email to and we'll do our best to get it fixed. Thank you.

Show Musicians
Show Authors/Artists



Musician  Episode
Adam Zampino  010
Adragante SP05b, 020, 021, SP06, 023, 027, SP12, 028, SP25a, SP26, SP28, SP34, 034, 039, 042, SP43
Adrian Charkman SP02b
Aisling SP28, SP34
Aka Jules 027, 029, SP17b, SP23, SP35
Alizbar & Ann'Sannat SP23
Anne McWiden SP24, SP25a
Anne Roos 018, 019, SP08, 029, SP18, SP21, SP27, SP28, 032, SP32, SP33, SP34, 036
Ant Neely 029, SP17b, SP23
Appalachian Celtic Consort SP18, SP34
Armolithae SP05b, 020, 026, SP17b, 030, 034, SP35, 037, 038, SP43
Ash Mandrake SP37
Áthas SP36
Avel Glas SP11, SP23, SP33
Bards of FoDLA SP40
Bards of Mystic SP06, SP10, SP25b
Beck Siàn SP37
Beer Belly SP27, SP28
BertycoX SP10, 029, SP43
Bezed'h SP10
Bilou le Skankerfou 029
Blanche Rowen & Mike Gulston SP39, 042, SP42, SP43
Blarney Rebel Band SP15
Bote SP11
Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band SP11
Brobdingnagian Bards 025
Brocc SP09, SP35
Brokenkites 029
Cady Finlayson SP02b
Caellach 008
Caera SP31, SP32
Calvin Culy 029
Catherine Duc SP10
Celia SP32, SP34, SP38, SP42
Ceili Moss SP12
Celestial Aeon Project 034, SP36, 035, 036, 038, 039
Celtic Twist SP17a, SP32, SP34
Cernunnos Rising, George Nicholas SP27, SP30, SP34, SP38, 041, SP42
Charles Fenellosa SP33, 037
Claymore SP08, SP10, SP21
Colin Mold SP26
Connemara Stone Company SP03, SP36
Culann's Hounds 000+, SP01
Cyril Pereira 029, 035, 036, 039
Daemonia Nymphe SP37
Damh the Bard SP01, SP03, SP05b, SP06, SP11, SP12, SP15, SP17b, SP19, SP20, SP22, SP23, SP24, SP25b, SP26, SP27, SP28, SP31, SP32, SP33, SP34, SP36, SP38, SP39, 040, SP42, SP43
Daniel Bautista SP11
Danny Quinn SP07, SP08
DaphneQuigley-Freund and Tom Bradfish SP36
Dark Patrick SP17a, SP25a, SP31
Darren Raleigh SP36
David Helfand SP13, SP25b
Diane Arkenstone 001+
Densle 041
DIY-note 031
DJFab SP12, SP36
Doc & Lena 042
The Dolmen SP23, SP28, SP33, SP38
Dom Duff SP38
eNoz 020, 021, SP35, 036
Esgi SP12, SP43
Evan SP10, 026, 028, 029, SP17a, SP17b, SP21, 033, SP36
Everlasting Dream SP12, SP36
Faeries Wear Boots SP07, SP08
Flavio Simone SP15, SP21, SP35, 035, 037, SP43
Flutatious SP37
Frozen Silence SP04, SP05b, 028, SP15, SP17a
Gaelic Wind Project SP02a
Giorgio Campagnano SP23, 037
Greendjohn SP09, SP23
Green Druid SP26
Grégoire Lourme SP26, SP27, SP35
Greywolf (Philip Shallcrass) SP39, SP40
Hardcore SCM 040
The Harp Twins: Camille & Kennerly SP38
Hungry Bentley SP05a
Inta Africa SP37
The Irish Experience SP12
Jacqui Callis SP04
Jaime Black SP37
Jaime Heras SP12, 028, SP15, SP27, SP35
James Olin Oden SP36
James Underberg 009, SP05b, 021, SP15
Jason Shaw 041, 042
JEM SP15, SP17b
Jenna Greene SP15, SP17b, SP20, SP21, SP23, SP32, SP34, SP38, SP43
Jennifer Cutting SP27, SP28
Jigger 003+
Jillian Ladage SP12
John Burge SP25a, SP25b
Jo Morrison 010, 011, 019
Jonathan Kershaw SP37, SP40
Judy Pancoast SP22
Julia Ecklar SP34, SP42
Julien Boulier SP10, SP17b, SP43
Kahlan SP10
Kate & Corwen SP26, SP42, SP43
Karen Kay SP05b, SP07
Kellianna SP03, SP04, SP05b, SP24, SP26, SP34, SP35, SP38, SP39, SP43
Keltoria SP12, 029, SP17b, SP18, SP33, 033, 036, SP43
Kenjiakira 028, SP43
Kevin MacLeod 040, 042
Kevin Skinner SP25a, SP25b, SP27, SP28, SP33, 040
Kim Robertson 002+, 014, SP28
Kim Thompsett SP05b, SP06, SP37
Kiss The Mistress SP11
Kray Van Kirk SP25b, SP26
Krzysztof Kurkowski 033
Kubi 041, 042
La Gueta La Runa 030, 033
Laura Powers SP09
Leslie Fish SP35
The Logues SP07
Magicfolk SP17a
Mairéid Sullivan 036
Marc Gunn 025
Marieva's Project SP16, SP33, SP34, 033, 034
Matti Paalanen 033, 036
Maya Filipic 021, SP33
Miguel Herrero SP10, 028, SP17a, 036
The Noizemakerz 020
Olga Scotland SP05b
Omnia SP12
Orient Xpress 017, SP07, SP08
Pandora Celtica SP40
Pascal Ser'Jacobs SP23, SP43
Paul Newman SP15
Pentacle Drummers SP17b, SP24, SP38
PerKelt SP40
Phil Holland SP17a
Philippe-Aubert Gauthier SP35
Phil Thornton 032, SP32, SP34, 033, SP35, SP38 038, 039
Portcullis SP20, SP23, 032, SP32, 033, 035, 036, 038, 039
Project Divinity SP35
Prydein SP11
Psicodreamics SP26, 037, SP38, 039
Rick Allen SP25a, SP36
Roger Subirana 031, SP32, 033
Roxxell 020
Samantha Gillogly SP07, SP17b
Sam Gillogly & Tim Maurice SP31
Saor Patrol SP05a, SP06
Sara Ayers 015, 021, SP32
Scott Boswell SP15
Scott Hoye SP28
Seraphic Panoply SP11, 031
Serpentyne SP37
Shane D Rymer SP10, 028, SP34
Sharon Knight SP05a
Silence SP11, 031
SJ Tucker SP27, SP33, SP36
Skully SP08
Sora SP04, SP10
Souls of Nephilims 010
Spiral Dance SP27, SP28, SP30, SP31, SP33, SP34, SP38, 039, SP41, SP43
Spriggan Mist SP37
Sydney Poma SP10, 028
Tangerine Cat SP17a, SP25a, SP31
Tavola Rustica SP04, 017, SP07
Teresa Doyle 013, 014
Theresa Schroeder-Sheker SP28, 040, 042
Thinker SP07
Thomasc Kucza (Magorya) 030
Tiffany Apan SP08
Tinkerscuss SP07, SP08
Todd Alan SP11
Tomasz Kucza SP17a, SP32
Torchomatic 032, 034
Triflemore SP08
Victor Stellar 019, SP32, SP36, SP43
VS SP02b, SP43
Willo's Song SP12, SP22
Willow's Drum SP37
Willson & McKee SP15
Xcyril SP28, SP36, 038, SP43
Zero Project SP23, 032, SP35, SP36, 040
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