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Witchy Godmother


The Real Witchy Godmother

Witchy and her sidekick Aunt Clara.

Website Witchy Godmother's Cottage   Genre Storyteller

Contribution to the Show

This wonderful lady has written a very moving story, I Forgot, which she has allowed us to perform on the Midsummer 2009 Holiday Special, SP12.


Witchy Godmother has been a storyteller all her life. Probably not the best when asked at 5 who tangled up her father’s fishing line. Of course it was the cat, she didn’t like to get wet you see and of course she wanted to catch the fish so the fishing pole was right there…..

I wrote tales and told adventures putting friends in the heroes place especially when they were sad. Great tales of scaling vast mountains and returning from the quest. It always made people smile. Of course life got busy as I grew up and the tales were not told as often under the mantle of fitting in and paying the bills but they were always there. Finally in my 40s I started writing them down. Telling them to children and friends once more. A friend created a Witchy Godmother website but as he got married and busy the website fell away. As I get closer to retiring from the position that pays the bills Witchy is coming out to play more and more.

Future plans include joining the Ottawa Storytellers and practising at their monthly get togethers hopefully with kind advise to improve and add to my skill as a storyteller of fairy tales and adventures once more. Performing at festivals and other avenues, weaving the tarot in somewhere in there too.

My storyteller name of Witchy Godmother came from my oldest daughter. One day she and her boyfriend were asked if she believed in Fairy Godmothers. She replied - Of course I do. Her boyfriend nodded in agreement. The skeptic asked - Oh yeah, you ever seen one. To which they both replied - Of course, her/my mother. She spreads magic wherever she goes, a fairy godmother. When they told me this I replied that I was a simple Kitchen Witch not a Fairy Godmother maybe a Witchy Godmother and it stuck. The first story How the Witchy Godmother Came To Be, was my story hidden in a fairy tale. I believe everyone’s life story can be turned into an adventure tale. Sometimes dark and gloomy, sometimes bright and joyful but always an adventure.

So you have taken the Path of Imagination and made your way through the Woods of Wonders until you came to the base of the Mountain of Joy and beside Giggles Creek and you found the lovely cottage where the Witchy Godmother lives. Welcome, Welcome to Witchy's Cottage in the woods, let me pour you a ...


You can contact Witchy by email at godmotherwitchy@gmail.com

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