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Willow's Drum

Pagan Celtic Folk

Lyz and Mark - Willows Drum


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Contribution to the Show

Wilow's Drum have graciously allowed us to play their powerful, driving and rhythmic theme The Oakwood Song from their album Tales from the Oak Wood in our 2013, Faerie Festival Special, SP37.


Willow’s Drum are singer song/writers Mark Barnard; founder member, lead vocalist and guitarist of the Essex based folk/rock band Medicine and Lyz Le Fay; a classically trained vocalist and pianist. The two musicians have joined together to bring you a fresh mix of original and traditional folk music. Mark and Lyz play an array of instruments including: piano, guitars, mandolin, percussion and bouzouki.


Willow's Drum have 1 album available.

Tales from the Oak Wood

Tales from the Oak Wood

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