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Willo's Song

Folk Musician

Daryl from Willo's Song


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Contribution to the Show

Daryl from Willo's Song has graciously allowed us to play the title track The Storyteller from his album of the same name in our Midsummer Holiday Special for 2009.


Originally from Co. Antrim N. Ireland now residing in beautiful Wiltshire, England, Willo's Song is the working title for a musical project involving singer/songwriter Daryl Ball and various other friends, family and musicians to have fun and make music that they enjoy.

Here's the usual background blurb: When I was 18 I joined The Norwegians who I played bass with for about 4 yrs, including a successful US tour. More info at: http://www.myspace.com/thenorwegians

Later aged 24 I formed Stripped and took on the role of singer as well as continuing playing bass. It was during this time that I developed my songwriting, which included winning an Irish songwriting award, alongside my old Norwegians bandmate Aaron Blair. More info at: http://www.myspace.com/stripped

In 2001 I left the UK and spent a few years living and travelling in New Zealand during which time I contributed guitar on a charity CD of Children's Songs. After a brief spell in Canada I returned to Wiltshire, UK in Summer 2004. After finding new direction and inspiration from artists like Damh the Bard, Fairport Convention, Rufus Wainwright, Clannad and Medieval Baebes by early 2008 I had started actively writing music again, concentrating on a more acoustic style with the intention of recording and releasing a new CD in 2009.

In between times and as a taster of what was to come a 'xmas' E.P. was released in Dec'08 called 'Yule Trio' featuring three tradional xmas songs but reworked with Pagan themes and lyrics. Work continued in 2009 and the end result is an album featuring a couple of previously unreleased tracks from Stripped, a few new compositions and a couple of covers of folk songs. Released on 1st April 2009 and titled 'The Storyteller' some of the songs are available to preview on Myspace. Initial response and reviews have been very positive. There are also plans to play a few live dates later this year, trying out a mix of old and new material with perhaps a few covers thrown in.


Willo's Song have 1 album and 1 EP available.

The Storyteller

The Storyteller

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Xmas EP

Xmas XP

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