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William H. Russeth

Celtic Author


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Contribution to the Show

William has graciously allowed us to perform a section of his fantastic book, Fires of Belenus in our Midsummer 2008 Holiday Special.

When a meteorite plunges deep into the heart of Celtica, the blinding flash turns night into day and the impact flattens miles of countryside. A great sword is forged from the sky stone that is prophesized to shape the destinies of future generations. Warrior chiefs and scheming Druids vie for ownership of the wondrous blade, cutting a trail of blood and murder across the ancient Celtic World.

It falls on Eoan, a mere boy on the edge of manhood, to embark on a quest, against insurmountable odds, to retrieve the sword and rescue his love from the sacrificial fires of Belenus. Pitted against Cimbri mercenaries and ruthless warlords, he races to save Roisin. Beguiled by her mesmeric beauty, he is not even sure that she loves him in return; he only knows the path of the sword’s destiny runs through his heart. [Source]


The author’s fascination with the ancient world and mythology started as far back as he can remember. In his youth he feasted on the stories of Jason, Achilles, Odysseus, Beowulf, Sigurd, Arthur, and Chulainn, to mention but a few. As he grew up, his interest spread to the real stories like; Xenophone, Leonidas, Alexander, and Hannibal, which he often found more extraordinary than mythology. If it was an ancient tale, he loved it.

After earning Liberal Arts degrees in Painting, History, and Journalism, he embarked on a thirty year career in marketing management for a Fortune 500 company. Now he spends his time bringing the mythology and fantasies of his youth to life. [Source]



William has 2 books available.

Fires of Belenus

Fires of Belenus

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Cult of Camulos

Cult of Camulos

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