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Howard Goldbaum (Voices from the Dawn)

Celtic Scholar

Howard Goldbaum at the Howth Dolmen


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Facebook Voices from the Dawn   Nevada Website AllAroundNevada.com
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Contribution to the Show

Howard's fantastic website brings us not only details about the fantastic Ancietn Monuments of Ireland, but also information about their folklore and disvcovery - often including a Virtual Reality tour of the site itself. We feature the Loughcrew passage tombs in our 2013 Spring Equinox Show, SP35.


Howard Goldbaum is an Associate Professor at the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno. Prior to that he worked as a photojournalist, photography professor, and multimedia producer at Bradley University in Illinois. He has also worked as a consultant in multimedia and digital imaging in education and has won numerous awards for his web sites and virtual-reality environments.

His research on the ancient megalithic monuments of Ireland and their folklore has taken him on eight field expeditions to that country, where he uses virtual-reality imaging to map the prehistoric landscape. There are currently (March, 2013) 72 sites comprising the Voices from the Dawn project, http://voicesfromthedawn.com

As the research is completed, new sites will be added until all 130 or so are available online.

His other active projects include a virtual-reality documentation of Nevada: http://allaroundnevada.com

Also a new book (2013) featuring the historic railroad photographs of Alfred A. Hart presented in 3D: http://waitingforthecars.com

Voices from the Dawn

The ancient Irish made their mark on the land with great stone and earthen structures. The legends that developed were thought to be among the earliest voices from the dawn of western civilization.

"Voices from the Dawn" is the result of my 30-year fascination with the prehistoric monuments of Ireland and their folklore. The project uses immersive media and storytelling to explore the monuments and their many voices.This Facebook page is where new additions to the website will be announced. I hope that you will enjoy your visit to prehistoric Ireland!


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