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 Contribution to the Show

The beautiful teamwork of Owen and Susan from Triflemore can be heard in Perfect on our New Year Music Special, SP08.


Triflemore is a transatlantic folk-baroque duo. With one of us from small-town America and the other from the northernmost islands of Scotland, we bring a unique intertwining of delicate fingerstyle guitar and haunting melodic vocals, with lyrics that ask the listener to pause, reflect, and contemplate simplicity...all the spaces in-between.

Our music attracts listeners on both sides of the Atlantic, ranging from the serious folk purist to those wanting to take time to relax and make space for new thoughts. By drawing on a diverse range of influences, including traditional Celtic folk, classical composers, and even progressive rock, we have crafted a fresh interpretation of modern lo-fi folk in a world that can too easily forget about the organic SOMETHING that happens when people just. do. music... together.


Triflemore have 1 album available.

Words from Notes

Words from Notes

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