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Contribution to the Show

The beautiful teamwork of Owen and Susan from Triflemore can be heard in Perfect on our New Year Music Special, SP08.


Sometimes the impractical makes perfect sense…

From the very first tune and lyric they combined, Triflemore knew they were on to something that fit. Though choosing to start a collaboration with an entire ocean in the way, meant even small tasks would require extra effort. It also meant having to challenge any existing theories that having to be in the same room is a pre-requisite to good songwriting. And well, many have been shocked to discover that their first album, Words from Notes, a haunting, well-intertwined voice and guitar duet, was written and recorded without ever having met in person. The impractical was achieved by using technology to deliver back and forth the ideas of two souls from two very different places. Susan Rhea, from small-town America, and Owen Goudie from the Shetland Islands, found their inherent differences irrelevant to the ability to seamlessly blend their musical thoughts. The result is a contemplation of emotions that create themes which are relevant to us all in our own way. By searching for tunes and lyrics to enlighten their own hearts, they’ve happened upon a way to make a difference by creating songs to briefly open windows that let us peer in behind the joys and often lingering sorrows of a life. In their song Goudfield, the question is asked “What would you say if words would last?” Triflemore will continue to answer this with each new song that finds it’s way into their hearts. This is their life’s journey. And, you could say, that as they continue to overcome the obstacles that the distance places before them, the impractical has become something they have learned to embrace because to them, nothing has ever made more sense…..


Triflemore have 1 album available

Words From Notes

Words from Notes

Available on 20th January from CD Baby



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