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Thomasc Kucza (Magorya)

Ambient Soundtrack




Website Wieza.org   Genre Ambient Soundtrack
Jamendo Thomasc Kucza (Magorya)      

Contribution to the Show

Tomasc's powerful music is much valued as mood setting in our story in the Spring Holiday Special for 2010, SP17a. You can also hear the amazing work of this unknown artist in our first show in the Welsh Mabinogion series, Episode 030 - Restless Dreams. Tomasc's wonderfully haunting Dreams in Stasis Chamber from hsi album Planetology can be heard in our 2012 Yuletide Party Show, SP32.


All music is composed by Tomasz Kucza. The first part - Different Worlds - is a soundtrack like album with a lots of orchestral and electronic music. Some of this music was composed for Horizon - fan movie set in the Star Trek universe like Star Trek: New Voyages. Different Worlds is a soundtrack like album composed by Tomasz Kucza with lots of orchestral and electronic music. Some of this music was composed for Horizon - fan movie set in the Star Trek universe like Star Trek: New Voyages.

It includes many different tracks in styles from typical orchestral soundtrack to electronic music. Some fast paced, some slower and darker.

I hope you'll enjoy. Contact: magnesus@gmail.com - if you're looking for similar music for some reason. ;) Every donation and every review is highly appretiated and will speed up making second part.

The second part is an album full of electronic music inspired by Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Kenji Kawai and contains mostly tracks created by me in 1998-2002 and lately completely rearranged. Planetology is about traveling to distant planets, discovering space and time. Album contains mostly music composed by me in 1998-2002 - old tunes remade with varying success on new instruments. For me it's like travel in time to not so distant past. I feel some nostalgy. Well, I hope you enjoy. Please review and recommend my music to others - if you think it's worth it.

Third part will probably be "World of RPG" - a music album with soundtrack for various role playing games.


Thomasc Kucza has 3 albums available.

Different Worlds

Different Worlds

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