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Celtic Folk Musicians

Bryony from Tinkerscuss Erin from Tinkerscuss


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Contribution to the Show

Erin and Bryony's magical music can be heard on our first Christmas Music Special, SP07, where they have graciously alloweed us to bring you The Balefire Song. The ethereal. folk-horror of Long Lankin can be heard in our New Year Music Special, SP08.


Tinkerscuss are sisters Erin and Bryony Holden who live in the north Gloucestershire village of Bourton-on-the-Water. They are renowned for songs that are dark and eerie along with the more traditional ‘Celtic’ pieces. The combination of Bryony's rich, resonant vocals and Erin's modal guitar style will enthral, bespell and wrap the listener in the mists of myth and legend.

Comments about Tinkerscuss:


“…It’s like having a story book sung to you just before being tucked up on a dark winter’s night.”

“…stepping between worlds within their songs; Tinkerscuss take you along with them on their magical journey”

“Honeyed Venom”

“..both comforting and disturbing in turn, beautifully sweet melodies delivering sometimes chilling tales”

Album reviews:

“ Of Darkwoods and Bright Fires is sheer delight...The perfect album to listen to in a cottage amid a dark wood, cosied up to a bright fire. ”

“Delicate, powerful beauty. ‘Mythago’; from Tinkerscuss is a rare, rich treasure of story and myth delivered with refined atmosphere and edge. Mythago encompasses depth, power and force delicately applied. Just a touch is all that's needed to reach out and enthral the listener. There is within this album a mix of love, fear, darkness and light that carries a dreadful beauty. An album of passionate music.”


Tinkerscuss have 2 albums available.

Of Darkwoods and Bright Fires

Of Darkwoods and Bright Fires

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Nine Trees

Nine Trees

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