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Tiffany Apan

Rock/Ambient/Classical Vocalist

Tiffany Apan


Website Tiffany Apan Music   Genre Rock / Ambient / Classical Opera and Vocal
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Contribution to the Show

Tiffany has graciouslly allowed us to play her riveting version of Scarborough Fair which can be heard in our New Year Music Special, SP08.


Tiffany was born in Wilkes-Barre, PA on October 25, 1980. She is the oldest of four children (all girls). She got her earliest influences in music from her grandparents who were both musicians. Throughout the years, she picked up several musical instruments including the piano, violin, accoustic guitar, and accordian. She would always spend hours as a child listening to music and singing in her room. She began studying dance at the age of three (tap and ballet; she picked up jazz dance at the age of 7) with Kathy Burke (niece of famed dancer/actor, Gene Kelly) and continued to study throughout school and into college (later picking up modern dance, lyrical dance, and hip hop dance).

At age 11, she had to sing a solo for a tap number she was doing for a dance recital. Most who heard her sing for the first time where genuinly impressed and suggested to her mother to enroll Tiffany in vocal lessons. Tiffany began her voice lessons at the age of 12 and performed in several vocal recitals, concerts, and choirs. She also began persuing another passion of hers which was musical theatre. At age 13, she attended the Encore Music Camp of Pennsylvania at Wilkes University located in Wilkes-Barre, PA for a full summer where she majored in Musica Theatre. She greatly enjoyed the classes which consisted of musical repretoire classes, solfegio classes, vocal theory classes, acting while singing, and acting classes. She enjoyed performing in the camp's productions even more which included an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical revue and a shakespearean play. She continued to study at Wilkes University throughout the school year at Wilkes Community Conservatory, the fall and winter version of 'Encore.' That included acting classes, private voice lessons, concert choir, and a musical theatre class all geared toward high school students. She studied voice with accomplished opera vocalist, Eileen Hanisch. She also had some music studies with Alan Baker and Sue Kelly. Along with performing with the Conservatory, she began performing in local and regional theatre companies including the Music Box Dinner Playhouse, and The Little Theatre of Wilkes-Barre including the much sought after role of Tuptim in 'The King and I.' Other productions included Oklahoma, Me and My Girl, and Jesus Christ Superstar. She also had opera roles: Betty Parris in 'The Crucible,' and Third Spirit in Mozart's 'The Magic Flute.' The summer before her senior year of high school, she attended the prestigious pre-college program at Carnegie Mellon Universtiy in Pittsburgh, PA where she majored in Musical Theatre. After graduating high school in June of 1998, she moved with her family to Pittsburgh, PA. That fall, she attended Seton Hill University and majored in musical theatre. She quickly got involved with the Pittsburgh theatre scene. After she finished filming a role for a local horror film, she returned to theatre. She auditioned for a new production entitled Whispers Want to Holler at the Kuntu Repretory Theatre, a multicultural theatre group. She won the titled of the Free Style Jazz Singer. This role presented Tiffany with the challenge of singing in a style different than what she had been trained to do, but she took it head on. She ended up being a part of the world premiere of Whispers Want to Holler. After that, she won the role of Brenda in the play Lovers and Other Strangers with Stage Right. During production for Lovers, she auditioned for the Old Schoolhouse Players upcoming production of Fiddler on the Roof. Once again, she won a much coveted role; the part of Hodel , Tevye's second daughter. After Fiddler wrapped, she continued to do theatre roles including Kiss of the Spider Woman, Ed Wood Slept Here and Falsettos. She also became involved with children's theatre at The Gemini Theatre. She found herself wanting to fullfill a longtime childhood dream of hers. She ended up communicating with Jason English who she met on the set of the horror film. Jason was a film composer and had played in bands for 23 years since age 14. Jason had been interested in using Tiffany's operatic vocals in some film scores, but instead they began to work on music which would later become music for her debut album. They recorded much of the album on there home studio equipment self producing sometimes with the help of friends and musicians, Mark Kapsha and Michael Jantho. Toward the end of recording the album, they met Rowan Poole of the internationally acclaimed prog rock band, Persephone's Dream. They ended up recording the last three tracks at Rowen's studio, StarGlider Studios. Tiffany's debut album ' Poet', was released on February 26, 2008. She recently wrapped up her 2008 'Poet' Tour and is booking for a 2009 Tour. She also returns to the studio soon to begin recording her second album. In 2008, she also founded Poets Labyrinth Productions with Jason English.

What to expect on Tiffany's February 2008 debut release:

Edginess with Elegance: Classically trained singer who (with Jason English) blends classical singing with metal, symphonic, ambient, and progressive musical accompaniment to create (according to both critics and music fans) a unique sound unlike anything heard before in the music industry.

"Awesome Voice!" ~Wolf of M2Live Radio's 'Wolf and Gonzy Show'

"Great Voice! Very nice to listen to"~Angel of Mirus, MirusMusic.com

"...reminds me slightly of Lana Lane's output actually; but slightly darker and more mellow - and with a very different vocal style, voice and delivery."~Olav,Prog Cafe Radio's 'Heavenly Hell' show; Oslo, Norway

"....haunting the Curse!"~The Nobodies Curse Radio

"It's different without being pretentious. It's good, both the vocals and the accompaniment."~Oxbow Free Radio

"New talent!"~Nature Enter Me! Radio

"Tiffany's voice is angelic, yet powerful"~Kat of Ocean eMotion Radio

"Tiffany Apan's contribution to these tunes are in the vocal department, singing in a restrained operatic fashion. She has a strong and melodic voice, adding a high level of contrast to the dark musical foundation and a nice dramatic flair. Her vocal delivery lies somewhere between Lana Lane and Sarah Brightman in style; not as cold as Lane and not as operatic as Brightman but should probably appeal to fans of both artists that are comfortable with slow-paced gothic tinged rock."~Olav/Windhawk on Progressiveears.com

"Tiffany is a fan of many genres, and it really shows here. She manages to bring in different tones from many genres and mix them together into her own unique sound.Poet is a slower paced, relaxing album that weaves together a lot of interesting melodies in creative ways. The sound is very laidback and never feels like it takes the theatrical elements over the top. An excellent debut that manages to do something different from everything else out there. I am looking forward to hearing how Tiffany Apan continues to develop her sound in the future."~Jon from desolatehope.com

"POET is one of the year's best albums!"~Ray Dorsey of RaysRealm

"After being yelled at by countless metalheads, it was refreshing to hear her rich vocals as she soothed us to a sweet comedown. Her album, Poet, is a vocal driven disc that flutters around the "beauty and the beast" style of symphonic metal, but never becomes as bombastic as that genre can get. Magical and uplifting, this album will do nothing but enrich your spirit."~ The Ripple Effect, http://www.ripplemusic.blogspot.com

"Soothing and ethereal, the vocals of Tiffany Apan are beautiful when they're rockin' or mellow"~ Metal Warlord, Wykkyd Bru Radio http://www.myspace.com/metal_warlord



Tiffany has 1 album available.



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