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Souls of Nephilims


Raziel from Souls of Nephilims


Website soulsofnephilims.web.io   Genre Musician
Myspace souls of nephilims   Artwork Dark Nephilim Creations
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Contribution to the Show

The soulful, dramatic music of the Souls of Nephilims is used in Episode 010, The Harp's Voice Unleashed.


My name is Raziel that mean`s (angel of secrets) and Souls of Nephilims began in 2005 and since then i try to express myself with my songs. the name souls of nephilims came out becouse of one of my favorite movie call "The Prophecy" it Christopher Walken,its about the war in heaven with Angels and Nephilims.
In 2006 Souls of Nephilims was invited by Chris Huber of Theremin Noise Club to participate in a compilation with some great artists around the world, the compilations call Silent Fears and Souls of Nephilims made a altered version of the Forbidden song specialy for this compilation, its a long version and i use diferent instruments but still the same song but diferent.
In 2007 Finaly Souls of Nephilims was discover by Thorsten of Thonar Records, and so i create the 3 last songs and all the artwork for the album that im working since the beginning of Souls of Nephilims with the title of The Beginning of the End, i always have this idea of making a image for each music that i make, so the person who listen to the music see a face in each music that i made.
In 2007 Souls of Nephilims appears in another compilations By Enough Records that is a Portuguese Non profit netlabel, the name of this compilaction is Falesia and is only with portugese artists and Souls of Nephilims have made a song for the Arcane the Forgotten Asylum - Voices of Tortured Souls Album, at this time i only have 3 songs made for this album and i choose for this compilation There`s no Light Here Song its one of my favorites so far, and its perfect for this compilation in my point of view.



Souls of the Nephilims has 4 albums available.

Arcane the Forgotten Asylum

Arcane the Forgotten Asylum

Not yet available

The Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End

Buy at Thonar Records

Tiefenbene 1

Tiefenbene 1 Compilation

09 - Souls Of Nephilims - Lucifer Requiem

Buy at Thonar Records


Falesia Compilation

Free from Enough Records

Silent Fears

Silent Fears Compilation

Buy at Theramin Noise Club

Vampiric Requiem

Vampiric Requiem

Free from Enough Records

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