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Myspace Irish Skully   Genre Trad. Folk

Contribution to the Show

Skully has graciouslly allowed us to play his rousing version of the Steeleye Span classic, All Around My Hat from his album Irish Makeover which can be heard in our New Year Music Special, SP08. The vocals on this track are by Katie Murphy.


Metisse main man Skully embarks on a solo journey this month
with the U.S. release of his new album 'Irish Makeover'.


Featuring guest appearances from some of Ireland's finest young artists,
such as Mick Flannery, Myles O'Reilly (Juno Falls), and Annette Buckley,
Irish Makeover is an exciting new take on a beautiful collection of traditional Irish songs.

" these are songs that have been performed and sung for generations", says Skully,
"from the sean-nos singer beside a fire in an old thatched cottage to grand orchestrated versions,
these songs have been passed down through the years".

" When I set out on this project I was very much aware that we are all just guardians of this music until we too pass it on,
so it was important to me that I retain the beauty and emotion of the songs while nudging them gently into the twenty first century".

These are songs that we all know, songs that perhaps we wouldn't seek out, but songs that are ever present,
and Skully has taken them to somewhere that they haven't been before now,
this is traditional Ireland's coming out party for the ipod generation.


For further information contact Gerald at Blind Faith Management




Skully has 2 albums available.

Irish Makeover

Irish Makeover

Buy from iTunes

Without A Voice

Without A Voice

Buy from iTunes


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