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Shaun Cooper

Shane D Rymer




 Contribution to the Show

Shaun Cooper's fascinating book, British Witch Legends of Sussex has been featured in our Episode SP43, Sussex Celts, Fairies & Folklore.


The author is not a witch, but has been interested in folklore since the 1970s. He writes about early-20th century Sussex writers, and folklore in The Petworth Society Magazine, and is probably best known for his discovery of the previously unknown Sussex author Eleanor Boniface, for finding the real name of Rhoda Leigh, and for his biography and bibliographical research of the county’s once famous writer, Sheila Kaye-Smith (A Gleam of Platnix - The Southern Novels of Sheila Kaye-Smith). He is also a novelist.

His book BRITISH WITCH LEGENDS OF SUSSEX is available from Country Books site. It's paperback, 202 pages, introduction, ten chapters, References & notes plus full bibliography, at £12 Sussex has a wide range of the different types of witch legends that have been recorded throughout Britain. The book includes over sixty Sussex witch legends, mostly in their original texts, and they are compared with witch legends from the rest of the country - so the book is essentially a comparative study of witch legends, albeit with a very strong Sussex emphasis. The first six chapters are crammed with witch legends. Other subjects covered are: Sussex fairy and Devil legends, and dragons, Roman roads, the origins and dissemination of witch legends, and so forth.


Shaun has 1 book available.


British Witch Legends of Sussex

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