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Shane D Rymer

Shane D Rymer






 Contribution to the Show

Shane's powerful music can be heard in our Spring Equinox 2009 Holiday Special, SP10. His evocative track Basking in Her Light V.1 from his album Celestial Mechanics can be heard in our 2013 Imbolg Holiday Special for Brighid, SP34.


Shane D Rymer is an American Filmmaker with a multi-disciplinary background in the arts, architecture, design and music. He is currently directing feature films in Boston, MA, USA. He often composes the music and ambient tracks for his films. HIs compositions are developed through a feeling process rather than a technical or theoretical one. He remarks that he “feels his way through the notes.” Consequently, the tracks are emotive. When asked about how they are used in his films he said,

”Composing soundtrack music is very tricky. On the one hand, you are trying to feel the scene, feel your way through the notes so that they create the undertone for whatever drama is occurring and on the other hand, you don't want to insult your audience by showing or telling them how to feel through the music. The music must communicate the emotion driving the scene and yet at the same time be open to interpretation and facilitate a range of responses. It must be so subtle that the audience never consciously acknowledges the music until perhaps the end.”



Shane D Rymer has 1 albums available.

Celestial Mechanics

Celestial Mechanics

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