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Shae Clancy/Francine Nicholson

Celtic Scholar


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Contribution to the Show

We are indebted to James "Shae" Clancy for permission to read from the wonderful work, "Land, Sea and Sky" written by himself and Francine Nicholson. who has now sadly passed from us. You can hear the sectiuon about Lughnasadh in our Lughnasadh Holiday Special for 2008, SP03 and the Imbolg section in our Imbolg 2009 Holiday Special SP09.


Shae Clancy and Francine Nicholson have collected essays from Celtic scholars to form a fascinating book that helps to explain the difference between Celtic fact (what we actually know) from Celtic fiction (what we speculate). Sadly, the book has never been published and Francine passed away in 2003. Shae has enabled the book to be published on the web.

Francine Nicholson, M.A., was a librarian in New England and scholar of all things Celtic. The loss of her passing, perhaps appropriately on 1 February 2003 (Imbolc), is poignantly crystallised by fellow Celtic scholar, David Stifter: 'It is very sad news to hear that Francine Nicholson has left us. She had a vast and astounding erudition and knowledge of Celtic mythology and folklore, and her contributions . . . were a great source of enrichment and information. I feel it as a heavy loss that she will no longer contribute to our discussions.'



They have 1 book available

Land, Sea and Sky

Land, Sea and Sky

Read online


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