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Contribution to the Show

Serpentyne are a supremely talented Medieval Folk-Rock band who put on an absorbing performance with an exotic stage presence. We are priviliged to be able to bring you their wonderful track Ave Mater, Do Way Robin, all about Robin Hood - an original 13th/14th Century song with the unique Serpentyne arrnagement from their album Stella Splendens. You can hear this track in our 2013 Faerie Festival Special, SP37.


Serpentyne mix mediaeval songs and dance tunes with contemporary beats... songs in Occitan, Old French, Old English and Latin create an exciting and magical atmosphere. Driving salterello and estampie dance rhythms from mediaeval Europe are combinedwith Maggie's voice and instruments such as hurdy-gurdy, cittole, harmonium and keyboards.

Since 2010 Maggie Sand and Serpentyne have been taking their music to their growing band of followers at UK and European folk, rock and mediaeval music festivals. Events at which they've performed include the Elf Fantasy Fair, Holland, Largentière Festival, France, Sidmouth Folk Festival, England, and almost all of the UK mediaeval festivals.


Serpentyne have 2 albums and 1 EP (a taster for the new album!) available.

Myth and Muses

Myth and Muses

Coming soon!

Stella Splendens

Stella Splendens

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Pastyme With Good Company EP

Buy from Serpentyne


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