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Orient XPress

Orient XPress






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 Contribution to the Show

Orient Xpress have contributed their song Seashore which was played in Episode 17, Tales of the Dagda and the lyrics to this moving song can be found in the Shownotes for that episode. Rob has also allowed us to bring you King for a Thousand Years on our first Christmas Music Special, SP07, for 2008. You can also hear Ancient Hero, a powerful track of legends, in our New Year Music Special, SP08.


Anar Yusufov was born in the musical family in Baku Azerbaijan, he had his first musical experience listening to the records of Ray Charles, BB king, John Lennon and various jazz performers from his parent’s huge vinyl collection. He first met the young drummer Elvin Bashirov. Elvin Bashirov was also hanging around and the two managed to form a band. But as Elvin Bashirov lived away in the town of Sumgaiit, they met from time to time and that idea never got any further until 2003.

At that time a big International Jazz Festival took place in Baku, and Anar was working in the festival's team (dealing with international artists, and also making web designs). The festival woke the city up. There were lots of happenings all over the town and Anar was into all of them. He took master classes from the Italian jazz pianist Mike del Ferro and an Afro American Jazz and R'n'B Singer CoCo York and even played with them on their various performances, but the main thing was that the festival organisers gave Anar an opportunity to perform on the festival. So the things started going from that moment.

During this time Anar was studying full time at the Conservatoria Music School. Anar and Elvin Bashirov needed a bass player. They played for a month or so with a strange old and smelly lad called Rovshan, but he was too passive so... Then Elvin Beybutov appeared. They met at the Baku Big Band's rehearsals... Anar was a keyboard player for the project, and Elvin Beybutov played Bass, so Elvin joined the trio and they formed the Orient Xpress Jazz band.

Later they also started to play rock covers and in walked Rob on their first concert in O’Malley’s Irish Pub in Baku and said OY ! do you need a rythm guitarist? ... And so the band's story begins.


Orient Xpress have two albums available, but I'm not sure where you can buy them online. Let me know guys and I'll update the page here.

Flying, Falling, Diving

Flying, Falling, Diving

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