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La Gueta La Runa

La Gueta La Runa





 Contribution to the Show

The refreshing and superb sound of these Celtic folk musicians can be heard in our first episode in the Welsh Mabinogion tales, Episode 30, Restless Dreams with their song, Vamanos Bailar from their album LGLR 2007. It can also be heard in Episode 33, Courting a Favour.


La Gueta La Runa is a celtic folk? group which likes composing its own songs although without giving up its atlantic traditional music reference. La Gueta La Runa joined young people from Xixón (Asturies), which started their way near atlantic traditional music, playing songs from tradition as well as own compositions, open minded caracter from the start.

The band has experimented with different instrumentations: accordion, bagpipe, viola... There' are some recordings a lot of live concerts from this, overall in Asturies, in festivals, and celticfolk bars, with asturian bands and sometimes with internacional bands like italian "Modena City Ramblers".

Although radicated in folk music, traditional music, we've moved to own song development with an important component of vocals and lirical, rather than playing popular folk songs or traditional songbooks as inspiration, with an effort in using larger international traditional music baggage, not only from Asturies, which results in an eclectic melodic music with influences like Tri Yann or, from Asturies, Beleño.


LGLR have 1 album available.

LGLR 2007

LGLR 2007

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