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Kiss The Mistress

Kiss The Mistress










 Contribution to the Show

Kiss The Mistress have graciously allowed us to play their waulking song, Rocks of Rodel on our Beltane 2009 Holiday Special, SP11.


The unique sound of Kiss The Mistress guarantees that you will be taken on a diverse musical journey. Celtic roots and European folk traditions inspire their songwriting, tunes and musicianship, with their rich, sonorous arrangements creating complex textures and time signatures. They draw the listener into their world as they travel between compelling self penned material, tunes and ancient songs drawn across Europe from Andalusia to the Hebrides. Relaxed and engaging on stage their repertoire has been described as ‘Music for the head and the feet’. Led by the powerful combination of voice, ‘cello and chromatic button accordion, the band goes from strength to strength gathering new friends and followers. Or to sum us up in six words as one recent audience member said “I would call it Deep Folk”.


Kiss The Mistress have 1 album available.

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